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I obviously can’t name every person that contributed to what public relations is today but here are a few.

  • Pope Gregory XV – under his reign the term propoganda was first used
  • Samuel Adams – Boston Tea Party: “the greatest and best know publicity stunt of all time”
  • Phineas T. Barnum – greatest showman of his time with the use of third-party endorsement
  • Ivy Lee – first public relations council using public information (the public only receiving the facts)
  • George Creel – Creel Committee: amazing group of communicators who “united the nation and influenced world opinion during World War I,” jump started careers of hugely succesful PR professionals
  • Edward L. Bernays –  “father of modern public relations” emphasized the use of social sciences

While women make up 70% of public relations practitioners, men are still earning higher salaries; men are still the majority in management positions.

While minorities are increasing in public relations positions, there is still a long way to go to increase the ability to be representative to the population as a whole.

Social media is a new form of mass media including Youtube, Myspace, Facebook, blogs, ect. that allows PR professionals to better listen, communicate, and interact.


Being a sophomore in college, many of my friends and I are in situations where we are looking for jobs either to make extra money in college or to start off our careers. I am one of many who are looking for a job while finishing up school just to make some extra money. We live in Statesboro, GA and there are very few options for jobs. All of these jobs are extremely competitive between students. I, personally, have never had a formal interview with a job. I am slowly learning what to do and taking steps to get a part time job for the experience and income. I have other friends who have been through dozens of formal interviews. They are graduating and searching for anything that allows them to use their degree. Many of my friends who have graduated are even competing against each other for the limited number of job opportunities. To say it plainly, we could all use a little help.

The idea of getting a job revolves around the idea of trying to sell personal abilities to an employer. So why not take advice from a well accomplished salesman. Anita Bruzzese wrote an article about a successful salesman who has best-selling books containing business advice. Harvey Mackey, the author/salesman, now has a new book out that advises people how to get jobs. The title of the book is Use Your Head to Get Your Foot in the Door: Job Secrets No One Else Will Tell You. The book is available on iTunes podcast, which is very convenient for people to get job tips quickly. Mackey is so confident about his book he will give buyers full refunds if they do not get a job in six months.

Here are some of my favorite tips:

  • Don’t be the first interviewed: the last is always more memorable.
  • Study while waiting: Look around the office to see what the employers care about. For example if there are plaques for a company softball team, make sure to mention your softball skills.
  • Remember, it’s not about you: focus on what you can do for the company, what you can bring to the table.
  • Interview the interviewer: come prepared with questions; know information about the employer previously.

These are just a few of the tips that Mackey offers. For everyone like me and my friends who are just getting started and even for those people who are at a job hunt later in life, advice that works is a huge relief.

I know some of you might be confused because I went from chapter 1 to chapter 13, but I will be jumping around the book every once in a while. I am writing notes about the book assigned in class, so I will blog about the chapters I had to read that week. Chapter 13 focuses on new technologies that are used in public relations.

Internet and computers have allowed research for public relations to highly advance. Instead of searching around different areas so much information is accessible through the internet. The two main softwares used to manage media are Vocus and Spin Control. The internet is used through email, corporate websites, blogs, and other sites used for communication and research.

New technologies also help public relations professionals get news out to the public. New news release delivery options such as video, web monitoring services, teleconferencing, and web conferencing allow communication to go through more quickly.

Off-line digital devices and the growth of broadband are just two future developments that will further increase public relations professionals tools.

My experience in blogging is only a blog I wrote last semester for my English class. The blog was the final stages to a research paper. Our assignment did not require any blog commenting; therefore, I limited mine to only my thoughts and citations used. I was not aware of the importance of posting comments, but I did feel like my blog was seriously lacking something without any comments at all.

Up until recently I thought that commenting on blogs was only important because commenting allows the author to feel a sense of success in the posts popularity. Sure it is nice to also be able to hear others thoughts on a blog’s posts, but I still believed the main concern for commenting was to produce traffic through the blog site.

Traffic, a sign of site popularity, is not the most important thing. A blog called Dosh Dosh goes into specific reasons as to why just looking for marketing strategies through commenting is a bad idea. There was actually someone who commented on this blog as well as others using the same generic post with links to his or her own site. Dosh Dosh found out what that person was doing and blogged about it, hurting his or her blogging reputation rather than helping it.

Commenting should be a tool used to gain lasting friends, networking, through blogging. Some sites are very influential, and by commenting earnestly on to those influential people’s posts, bloggers can gain those influential people as active followers. Having those influential people as followers, allows bloggers to have more opportunities in the long run because of the respectful bond that was made.

Networking connections made through thoughtful active comments give many benefits to bloggers. For example people can move up in their business or even possibly find jobs by networking with people through blogging. There needs to be respect gained from thoughtful commenting just as respect is gained through face to face friendship interactions. However, commenting allows people to have more unique relationships because of the permanency of those comments. Other people can view the friendship connections for years to come just by using search engines. I have realized that commenting has much greater effects on blogging and should not be taken for granted or misused.

Public Relations can be defined in many different ways. The different interpretations of definitions are not as important as the terms that make up the definitions.

  • Deliberate
  • Planned
  • Performance
  • Public Interest
  • Two-way Communication
  • Management Function

The most interesting thing that I found from this chapter was the minors the chapter recommended for PR majors. While journalism was a common minor for PR, it is becoming less familiar. PR majors are needing more and more managing and business qualities. Someone working in public relations not only needs adequate writing skill but also qualities that can help manage and take charge in the corporate world.

Public relations professionals use communication as a means to an end. Public relations is not concerned with just advertising through communication or even just informing the public of a problem. Public relations uses communication in order to make changes; it is part of the public relations process. By using communication in the process of public relations, public relations professionals become advocates to their cause not just informants.


T.O.W. 2 Importance of Blog Comments: Briana Patrick

May 25, 2010

I agree with many of the points you have made about commenting on blogs. While I have not been using a blog for long, I too believe it is a great way to connect with people. Commenting does allow you to network and view other people’s ideas on certain topics. I found the information interesting you gave about businesses using blogs. I would love to see some examples or links where I can find some businesses that have blogged with their customers. This post has encouraged me to do future research on how businesses are affected by blogging, not only with customers, but also with employees.


PR Connection a Hug From Taylor: Hillary Robinson

May 25, 2010

I am a huge Taylor Swift fan, so of course, I loved this post! I love how Taylor always seems so real with her audiences and even in her interviews. She is an amazing song writer; I know every word to every song. Your post gave me one more reason to love her. I think it is amazing how she played along with the boys’ game about getting a hug. She really came through and showed her fans that she does care. By showing up at Auburn she not only made some boys’ wishes come true, she also helped continue her good name of being down to earth. However, I do wish the video you chose continued and showed her playing a song at the boys’ karaoke debut. Great find with this PR connection!


TOW #2: Ashley White

May 26, 2010

I liked your post about blog commenting. Your sources made your post much more credible. I agree that negative commenting only puts an author down. People do need to be careful about what they say while commenting. However, I feel like comments are always better than none. I wrote a blog for my lit class last semester, and we never commented on each other’s blogs in class. In fact I never got a single comment at all. I feel like that was worse than possibly having a few negative comments, because I didn’t understand why it was even necessary to do a blog rather than hand in a research paper. But your point still stands, positive comments are always better.


PR Connection #1: Allie Aronson

June 3, 2010

While this is disturbing, I have always felt that those groups should not exist in the first place. I always get messages from those groups from people whose number I do not have or from people who I do not want having my cell phone number. People need to find a safer way to get phone numbers after their phone breaks. Maybe those people could send out personal messages. Or ask that people message them the numbers, and don’t post them on the wall of the group.

 I do agree that something should be done about those people whose phone numbers have unwillingly popped up on the facebook application. But while there are many ways to keep information private on facebook anything posted on someone else’s facebook or group is a different story. The bottom line is as private as everyone wants the internet to be it is not private. When things are posted on the web, they stay there – publically.


PR connection 2: Does Your Blog Suck?: Nikki Arcalas

June 3, 2010

So I just had to comment on this. You wrote that no one has left you a comment is that still true. Trust me I have been there before. I guarantee especially in this class people will be commenting on some of your posts.  

I did notice that your blog does not have any pictures or videos. My favorite blogs are the ones that have tons of pictures, videos, and slide shows. The last thing I want to do on the internet is read another novel, especially since I do enough of that for my classes. Try adding pictures to your next couple posts, or even try writing your next connections post on a Youtube video. Maybe it will help boost your viewers.


PR Professional Interview Recap: Kourtni Davis

June 13, 2010

I felt the same way after I interviewed Joanna Stotter. Talking to these professionals really does get me hyped about our major, and your interview is just more proof that this is what I want to be doing. I liked Ryan’s advice about finding someone who can help you do something if you don’t know how instead of passing up an opportunity.  It is also helpful to know what she says about remembering details about clients. The professional I interviewed Stotter said that she looks for people who have confidence in an interview agreeing with Ryan.


Amber Laurin, Fake Twitter Accounts: Kison Turner

June 13, 2010

I am not sure if I have encountered a fake twitter account or not, but I am not sure why someone would make one. Why impersonate someone on twitter? I feel like the impersonator would have to be very obsessive or just very bored. I do agree what you said about a fake account being entertaining, but I do not feel that deceiving someone is worth the entertainment. I doubt celebrities like to be impersonated in twitter accounts either. There should be some way of preventing this. I know it is a little farfetched, but twitter should be as legitimate as possible.


Informational Interview Recap: Allie Aronson

June 22, 2010

That is really cool that Potesta travels that much. I enjoy learning how a career in public relations can give so many different opportunities. For example, the professional I interviewed has a completely different job working in a hospital than Potesta. I also think it is cool that he got his job at a career fair at UGA. I know there are career fairs here at Southern, but I have never been. I guess it is definitely something I should look into. I think many of the professionals we all interviewed have had at least one thing in common. Almost all of them have mentioned how both writing and technology is important in their careers. It is very helpful to hear tips from people who really know what they are talking about.


TOW #5: Amy Green

June 22, 2010

I completely understand what you meant when you were a little overwhelmed with all the tweets. I am more of a facebook person myself. I felt like it was difficult to track where the tweets were coming from and who was replying. It did get easier listening to the lectures about twitter and how to use it professionally. I finally started to understand what all the symbols meant.  I also felt like as the week went on it got easier, and I was more inclined to check twitter more often. I also want to continue on twitter so it sounds like I will be tweeting you later.


PR Connections: Marley Mizell

June 22, 2010

I don’t know. First of all Myspace has not died. It is one of the top ways that unsigned musicians get noticed. Second of all people should not twitter like a facebook status at all! People need to learn not to put private or desperate comments, statuses, ect. on facebook or twitter. My facebook is more personal. I use it to talk to family and friends exclusively, so I am much more likely to leave a status up such as “bored.” But I am trying to keep my twitter more professional and therefore trying to make my tweets more substantial. However, as I said before I do strongly agree that people need to not make facebook too personal. Suicide through social media is way too extreme!


PR Connections: Teens losing interest in Facebook?: Amy Green

July 12, 2010

It does not completely surprise me that teens are not using facebook as much. I remember when everyone had a Xanga site that craze lasted a few months. Then all my friends had a MySpace that lasted a year or too. Now we all have Facebooks. Although I feel like I will not get rid of mine anytime soon, I can understand that teens may be ready for the next new social networking. As for using games on Facebook that is too time consuming. I had Farmville, and I had to check it every day. I have way too much other stuff to check like my email and GAview, so I can’t be on Facebook for an hour each day just to update my farm.


Paul the Octopus: Ryan Keesee

July 12, 2010

Ok, so I have thought this whole time that Paul was a man, not an octopus. I just figured Paul the octopus was a weird code name. That is so cool that an octopus guessed all the games correctly. So did the parrot guess all the games correct but the last one? I’m guessing a lot of people won bets with an octopus. It just sounds weird. I agree that it does not make sense that soccer is popular everywhere but here. And I think we are the only country that calls the game soccer instead of futbol. I don’t know I grew up on baseball and footballs, so soccer I know nothing about.


PR Connections #4 “Big Ben and his Big Mistakes”: Cassandra Light

July 12, 2010

I feel like this is the same old story. Star player screws up off the field and makes the team look bad. Just think of Michael Vick. I just think it is annoying. These players need to learn that they are role models. Part of the problem is that little kids look up to these players, and the players are making fools of themselves. Every other person has to be an upstanding citizen in society, so I agree that these players need to be reminded that they are more like every other person than they know. These players should have more severe punishments.


Week of Tweet: Briana Patrick

July 12, 2010

I completely agree. I was very hesitant to try out Twitter for the first time. I thought it was just for fanatic fans who like to stalk celebrities. I also followed PR professionals, and it was interesting to see what they were all talking about. It helped me to learn about what is going on in the PR world. I also had trouble following the Twitter language at first. I had no clue what half the abbreviations meant. Now I finally feel like I have a better handle on the whole Twitter thing.


Drifting the Day Away: Jackson Maghee

July 12, 2010

This video was so cool. The only thing I know about drifting is from the movie Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift. I did not know that they had a Southeast Drift Association. Do they do a lot of local shows? Is it a race or a competition? I saw the video, but I still do not quite get it. I just cannot believe that people can do that with cars. Does it only work for stick shift cars?

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