Public Relations can be defined in many different ways. The different interpretations of definitions are not as important as the terms that make up the definitions.

  • Deliberate
  • Planned
  • Performance
  • Public Interest
  • Two-way Communication
  • Management Function

The most interesting thing that I found from this chapter was the minors the chapter recommended for PR majors. While journalism was a common minor for PR, it is becoming less familiar. PR majors are needing more and more managing and business qualities. Someone working in public relations not only needs adequate writing skill but also qualities that can help manage and take charge in the corporate world.

Public relations professionals use communication as a means to an end. Public relations is not concerned with just advertising through communication or even just informing the public of a problem. Public relations uses communication in order to make changes; it is part of the public relations process. By using communication in the process of public relations, public relations professionals become advocates to their cause not just informants.