My experience in blogging is only a blog I wrote last semester for my English class. The blog was the final stages to a research paper. Our assignment did not require any blog commenting; therefore, I limited mine to only my thoughts and citations used. I was not aware of the importance of posting comments, but I did feel like my blog was seriously lacking something without any comments at all.

Up until recently I thought that commenting on blogs was only important because commenting allows the author to feel a sense of success in the posts popularity. Sure it is nice to also be able to hear others thoughts on a blog’s posts, but I still believed the main concern for commenting was to produce traffic through the blog site.

Traffic, a sign of site popularity, is not the most important thing. A blog called Dosh Dosh goes into specific reasons as to why just looking for marketing strategies through commenting is a bad idea. There was actually someone who commented on this blog as well as others using the same generic post with links to his or her own site. Dosh Dosh found out what that person was doing and blogged about it, hurting his or her blogging reputation rather than helping it.

Commenting should be a tool used to gain lasting friends, networking, through blogging. Some sites are very influential, and by commenting earnestly on to those influential people’s posts, bloggers can gain those influential people as active followers. Having those influential people as followers, allows bloggers to have more opportunities in the long run because of the respectful bond that was made.

Networking connections made through thoughtful active comments give many benefits to bloggers. For example people can move up in their business or even possibly find jobs by networking with people through blogging. There needs to be respect gained from thoughtful commenting just as respect is gained through face to face friendship interactions. However, commenting allows people to have more unique relationships because of the permanency of those comments. Other people can view the friendship connections for years to come just by using search engines. I have realized that commenting has much greater effects on blogging and should not be taken for granted or misused.