I know some of you might be confused because I went from chapter 1 to chapter 13, but I will be jumping around the book every once in a while. I am writing notes about the book assigned in class, so I will blog about the chapters I had to read that week. Chapter 13 focuses on new technologies that are used in public relations.

Internet and computers have allowed research for public relations to highly advance. Instead of searching around different areas so much information is accessible through the internet. The two main softwares used to manage media are Vocus and Spin Control. The internet is used through email, corporate websites, blogs, and other sites used for communication and research.

New technologies also help public relations professionals get news out to the public. New news release delivery options such as video, web monitoring services, teleconferencing, and web conferencing allow communication to go through more quickly.

Off-line digital devices and the growth of broadband are just two future developments that will further increase public relations professionals tools.