“A public relations program plan identifies what is to be done, why, and how to accomplish it.” Plans include eight basic elements:

  1. Situation – The three situations that most often apply are the organization must conduct   remedial program to overcome a problem or negative situation, the organization needs to conduct a specific one-time project situation, or the organization wants to reinforce an ongoing effort to preserve its reputation and public support.
  2. Objectives – There are informational objectives which increase public awareness and deliver key messages and motivational objectives which are bottom-line oriented.
  3. Audience – Specific publics are chosen as target audiences based on demographics such as age, income, gender, ect.
  4. Strategy – How an objective is to be achieved with guidelines and key message themes.
  5. Tactics – Specific activities and strategies of operations
  6. Calendar/timetable – Just as it sounds: dates set out for the project
  7. Budget – How much money will be spent that is broken up into staff time and out-of-pocket expenses.
  8. Evaluation – Were the objections successful?