So I have just started out with twitter, and I’m doing OK I guess?! The thing that confuses me is that twitter seems like a continuing facebook status update. My facebook statuses usual consist of song quotes, quotes from a funny night, or statements like “BORED!” I know that these aren’t appropriate for twitter mainly because most people don’t want to read them. People want to read tweets that are interesting, teach them things, or even start conversations.  I finally found some answers at Don’t tweet that: How not to be a twitter dork.

Bartz and Ehrlich explain how some tweets that have too much information (tmi) that can offend or even make people angry. They write out a common tweet, explain what is wrong with it, and then give suggestions for a better alternative. The bottom line was not to brag, talk bad about people, or go to far into your personal life. Ask questions to start conversations. Give suggestions about good places to eat rather than complaining about a tummy ache. Twitter is not a facebook status; I’ll get the hang of it eventually.