This chapter is about the different types of communication, and how communication works in public relations. An important form of communication is two-way communication where communication is balanced between the sender and receiver. The most effective form of two-way communication is a face-to-face conversation. While mass communication is best to reach the masses, it cuts off immediate feedback.

Types of audiences:

  • passive audiences: look at messages for entertainment and look at messages when “doing little else’ (bored)
  • active audiences: seek information therefore need more sophisticated messages

Write for clarity.

  • Use symbols, acronyms, or slogans: offering simplicity of messages
  • Avoid jargon: messages need to be written for a wide variety of audiences
  • Avoid clichés and hype words: can undermine a message
  • Avoid euphemisms: say what you mean
  • Avoid discriminatory language: don’t offend people