Last week our teacher gave us an assignment to start a twitter account and use it for a week. I was very unsure about this assignment. I love Facebook, but I had heard that using twitter was more difficult. When I first began the account my fears proved to be true. I didn’t understand why everyone used @ symbols. The most confusing part had to be everyone writing RT everywhere. My boyfriend’s name is RT, so you can see why I didn’t get it. I listened to the lectures our teacher gave us to help with twitter and things got a little easier.


Once I understood most of the symbols, I had to learn how to follow conversations. My profile would only show what I wrote, so I had to check my account very often to see if other people had commented on my tweets. This proved to be a little challenging because so many different tweets would pop up at once.

I think the night that I got into using my twitter account the most was one of the NBA finals games. Before the game I checked my account, and I saw many people had been tweeting about who they thought would win. I decided to keep my account open throughout the game. I was replying to tweets and writing my own. Comments were coming back to my page consistently. I finally was able to see how it really worked.

After that night I got more into twitter. I checked it a couple of times a day. I was most excited to reply to other people’s tweets. I liked how they would comment back in minutes, or if someone had a question I was able to quickly answer with some suggestions (or vice versa). Twitter really does allow someone to get thoughts out to many people who in return have the ability reply instantly. I decided I would keep my twitter account. I am going to publicize my blog on my account in hopes of getting some more readers. I also want to use twitter to try to find future job or internship opportunities. I have already noticed a few people advertizing some internship spots I would be interested in. Now I feel like I can use twitter for more than I ever though I would be able to.

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