Diverse Age Groups:

  • Youth and Young Adults (15-24) – Children and teenagers influence parent’s buying decisions. Use importance nagging to appeal to parents’ desire to provide the best for their children. This age group are the electronic media consumers.
  • Baby Boomers (42-60) – They grew up in an age of prosperity and represent a large number of consumers. “This is a generation most likely to get involved in a cause.” They are concerned with retirement, personal investing, health care and insurance.
  • Seniors (>64) – They make up 12% of the population. When appealing to seniors ignore “old folk” stereotypes. With more experience they are less easily convinced. They are extremely health conscious.

Public relations professionals need to understand multicultural values. For example, three minorities, Hispanics, African Americans and Asian Americans similarly have strong family and friend bonds and also take pride in music, food and religion.

A new demographic that is growing is the Gay/Lesbian community. Certain medias are aimed directly to this demographic such as magazines Out and Advocate.