During this week we were instructed to watch the podcast “Marketing over Coffee,” which aired on June 24th. The podcast was about 25 minutes long. Christopher Penn and John Wall led the podcast. They went over different media topics.

They discussed WordPress 3.0. WordPress 3.0 is the newest version of WordPress. WordPress is the site I used to write this blog. There are various changes in the new version:

  • Custom post creation – that eliminates problems with confusion of posts and pages.
  • There is now a different back end.
  • There is no longer a multi user.

The next topics they discussed were Google analytics and Feedburner. Google analytics helps track advertising through social networks. Now you can customize Google analytics with Feedburner. Feedburner allows advertisers to know more about who is visiting the social media sites. They discussed how they were able to use this application to find out that the podcast was getting .5 million downloads and 700,000 downloads for eBooks. Google also made another change by opening Google Voice to the public.

Even with the Droid and all the other iPhone look a likes, Wall and Penn still discussed their amazement with everyone’s obsession with the latest iPhone. They discussed how Apple stores and Wal-Marts had huge crowds that even got a little out of control.

The last topic discussed was the currency in China. The US dollar usually affects currencies around the world. As the US dollar fluctuates many other currencies do to. China has finally detached from the US dollar.  China’s Yuan is much more stable. This all means that China is much cheaper. China is a great market right now, but Wall and Penn recommended having a translator especially if conducting marketing business in China.

I think that podcasts are a different way to stay up to date in the world of communications. I don’t mind staying up to date by reading PRdaily or looking at other blogs, but I prefer to be able to listen instead of read. I paid more attention listening to the podcast then I usually do reading because I tend to skim. When information comes in many different ways it stays entertaining.