Ok, so sorry to all the people reading this rolling their eyes, but I had to. Last night at midnight I went to see Twilight Eclipse. In case anyone has no clue what I am talking about Twilight is a book series that is still in the process of being made into all the movies. Twilight is a drama love triangle with teenage vampires, werewolves, and humans. The movies have caused the whole nation to be asked by advertisers to pick sides between the two boys in the love triangle Edward and Jacob.

The movie came out June 30th. The movie was directed by David Slade. Theatres all over the nation had people standing in lines for hours to watch the movie. Three of my friends showed up at 9 PM, and stood in line until 11 PM. I personally think that standing in line for three or even two hours is a little too hard core. I showed up at 11 PM. We were lucky to get our six seats relatively close together. I am hooked on the movies, so I liked the movie. However I thought that Jacob, played by Taylor Lautner, was awful. Turns out I’m not alone in my critique. One user from a website reviewing the movie said, “Jacob is pedophile and a creep.”

On the other hand, my 14 year-old little sister thought that Jacob was the best character in the whole movie. I think that you will just have to see the movie and decide for yourself.