News Release (or press release)

  • This is a release given to the editor of a newspaper for consideration to be written and published in the newspaper. A news release may also be published in a magazine or aired on broadcast stations.
  • A news release should be written like a news story. The first sentence should resemble a lead for a story. There needs to be the most important information first: who, what where, when and why.


Media kits (or press kit)

  • Like a news release it is used to launch events or new products.
  • Often contains a press release. Usually more creative than a press release, a media kit is very decorative and may contain feature stories and background information.

 Pitch Letters

  • Another way to let an editor know about an event or product to get the editors attention in hopes of getting a story published about their information.
  • This is a short letter or maybe even a note given to the editor.


Five Different Ways to Distribute Media:

  1. First-class mail
  2. Fax
  3. E-mail
  4. Electronic wire services
  5. Web based newsrooms