Hands Across the Sand is a peaceful movement to stop off-shore drilling. The movement started in Florida in February 2010. The movement has now gone international. At 11 AM on the scheduled day people meet on the beach. Then at 12 PM everyone joins hands to symbolize not allowing drilling companies to enter the water.

With recent events from the BP oil spill, people are taking a stand more than ever to prevent off-shore drilling. We have seen some of the short term effects recently, and they have been devastating. I had a friend recently go to Destin, and I asked how the beaches are. She said that they were fine. She could see the oil but it was not a huge deal. The problem is it is a huge deal. Fishing companies, tourist companies, local communities everyone is being hurt. Just think about the Alaska Valdez oil spill. There is still oil found under rocks today. The fish and wildlife have still not returned to the same amount from before the spill.

The problem is that while it is making the news not enough is being done. There might be a problem with the press. People need more than sob stories. People need to see more of the cold hard facts. Changes need to be made. Hands Across the Sand is just a start to show the public that normal people can do something.