Businesses use many different methods to advertise products and ideas. The main point is to get the public interested. Businesses have to catch the public’s attention. One way to get the public’s attention is through a news release. With a news release the public learns about information and there is two-way communication. Press can ask questions to the company holding the news release. Here are ten tips to write an effective news release.

1. Use Newsworthy News: People need to be interested in the topic. Only discuss new people will care about.
2. Make Your Point Quickly: Just like a newspaper article keep the most important information – who, what, where, when and why — at the beginning. You want to catch people’s interest right away.
3. Use Correct Formatting:

  • Double space
  • Use black ink
  • Use white paper
  • Proofread grammar and spelling
  • Keep length under one page

4. Be Available: Include that the CEO of your company is available for interviews. It is also a good idea to include contact information for people associated with the company’s background.

5. Use Correct Distribution: Make sure the news release goes to the proper editors, reporters, and broadcasters. Remember to consider who the target audience is.
6. Use Examples: Use real life examples about how your company has succeeded in the past.
7. Pick an Angel: Use a hook to keep the news release up to date. Try to tie the release to something that is going on in current news.
8. Avoid Jargon and Hype: Speak plainly with ordinary language. Not everyone knows all slang. Avoid exclamation points.
9. Stick to the Facts: Avoid words that are added in for no reason. Say exactly what is needed to say. Tell the truth.
10. Get the Timing Right: Don’t make it too long or too short. Keep the news release suitable for the target audience.