So this had not been my first experience with a blog, but it has been my first experience with helpful instruction. I have learned so much more than I knew during my first attempt at blogging. Here are 10 tips that I think ever new blogger should know.

  1. When you are first starting out, explore the blog site. Look at all the different options using a trial and error technique to figure out which widgets or backgrounds fit you best.
  2. There is a button on the new post page at the far right of the applications. The button is called “show/hide kitchen sink.” Make sure the button is on show. This button gives you many more options for posts.
  3. Use Word first. Then copy and paste using the Word application button on the extended buttons.
  4. Instead of citing sources formally, link internet sources. To do this highlight the word you want to link and click the button that looks like a chain link. Copy and paste the website in. Scroll down the target button and click “open link in a new window.” This way when people click links they will not lose your site.
  5. Embed as many videos, pictures, or slide shows as possible. All these things make posts more interesting and eye catching.
  6. Use for pictures. This site has pictures for sharing so there aren’t any copyright problems. The site also makes it easy to link picture directly back to it.
  7. Read posts over twice before publishing them. I find a mistake almost every time I read over my own posts.
  8. Link your twitter or facebook to your account. My friends have found many great results doing this.
  9. Check your blog daily. If you can, update it daily. Blogs are more interesting with constant updates.
  10. COMMENT ON OTHER PEOPLE’S BLOGS. I learn so much from other’s blogs. Blogging is a way of communication. If you want people to communicate with you through blogging, make the first move by commenting.