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The Beach and Buffalo Chicken: Leah

August 31, 2010

So, I have been looking at a lot of your blog posts, especially the ones with recipes. The pictures you use make it so much easier for me to understand the recipe. I hate how so many recipes online and in books only show a few pictures. I need to be able to see exactly how to do things because I am a terrible cook. I also love your commentary. You did a great job; I’m excited to see what comes after the spinach pie.


How to Write Clear Sentences: Grammar Girl

August 31, 2010

I am a PR major, and I have had many teachers explain to me how to write clear sentences. This is the first time I have seen something about excluding some if phrases or being careful about using the word  make. I have also never heard of infinitives as a solution. All of your tips are helpful, thank you.


Ch. 1: Getting Organized For Writing: Lindsey Elizabeth

September 20, 2010


What a Journalist Wants: Samantha Shockley

September 20, 2010

Well I am in News, Reporting and Writing with you, and I feel like we have learned the opposite. We learned that like what you found the press release needs to state the most important or special thing about the product or event the product is about.  However, I feel like Carr would recommend that we do not continue to annoy an editor with the press release. We have been taught to write a good enough press release that it catches the reporter/editor’s eye immediately. I feel like “spamming” a press release might become counterproductive. We also learned about another point you made in your post. We are repetitively taught about the importance of a reporter’s timeline, and how public relations professionals need to be aware of such time lines.


Reality TV- Popular?: Amy Green

September 20, 2010

I completely understand. Reality TV is overdone. I will find myself on many occasions complaining about the amount of reality TV. On more than one occasion I have hoped for better television to watch. However, when I get home my roommates and I sit down and watch E!, Entertainment TV all afternoon. If the show we are watching is not reality TV, then the show is about different reality TV shows.  I do miss sitting down and watching more shows like “Friends.” But reality TV still catches my interest.


Print is Dissappearing???: Victoria Evans

September 20, 2010

Every morning before school when I was in elementary through high school, I would walk downstairs in the morning to see my dad sitting at the kitchen table reading a newspaper. My brothers and sisters and I would steal the comics and read them. Print was so intertwined with my daily routines that I cannot imagine life without it. However on the other hand, news through the internet or social media has become an even larger part of my life. Now my idea of getting the news is looking at headline at New York Times website. Most often I hear about news through social media. Someone will tweet or facebook about a certain topic. There is one thing for sure the media in which the public gets news is changing.


Glee @ the Emmy Awards: Briana Patrick

September 20, 2010

I was in chorus and other choirs all the way through my senior year of high school. I love musical theatre performing and watching it. However, I have still not gotten into “Glee.” I have seen the show a few times, but it usually airs when I am busy. I thought the YouTube clip of the actors’ performance from the Emmy’s presentation was funny. They incorporated actors and even reality TV stars. I loved it when they ignored Kate when she said she could dance. I also liked how Tim Gunn fixed his outfit. I think I will need to make some time to see the new season.


TOW Week 3: Melissa Morris

September 20, 2010

I agree comments make the blog. I had a blog for my ENGL 1102 class last year. I kept up with the blog, and always wrote my posts thoroughly and on time. However, I did not get a single comment. I just did not understand why I could not just turn in a research paper. The blog seemed absolutely pointless.  Then for the intro PR class over the summer, I had to once again create a blog. I was very skeptical that once again no one would comment. But with in the first week people had commented on my blog. I even had over 30 viewers within the first week. It was a good feeling. Blogging really is about communication. No communication will occur if people are not commenting on blog posts.


Bedbug Anxiety: Author not named

October 18, 2010

How do dogs react when they see bed bugs? I have a dog. She is half beagle, and I am hoping her nose is strong enough to smell them out. I checked the location link, and luckily there are no bed bugs near me. However, I am from Atlanta. Atlanta definitely had bed bugs. Why can’t we come up with a way to kill this parasite? What do we do if we get bed bugs? I am itching just thinking about it.


Look at Sight Stats for Insight: Victoria Evans

October 18, 2010

I can’t believe your readership doubled after you put your blog on twitter. I have mine attached to twitter and it did not make much of a difference. I also include many videos and pictures to my blog. I think I need to write about more interesting stuff. I don’t know. Any suggestions?


140 small characters lead to BIG consequences: Cait Bailey

October 18, 2010

I agree people do put to much demand out for celebrities tweets. It makes me wonder whether or not celebrities are actually tweeting. With such high demand celebrities could higher a professional “twitterer.” Many people would jump on the job translating thoughts to tweets constantly posting.

I also think that twitter can have strong consequences. Just like any other web portal once you post something,  it is hard to erase – or atleast permanently erase. I would make one professional and one private. However if you can combine the two and just monitor what you tweet, a universal twitter account should work out fine. I am having the same debate with my facebook page. I am trying to make parts of it private, but I feel like I should make a new one all together.


How to make your online content POP!: Samantha Shockley

October 18, 2010

The one thing I have had trouble with is getting the reader to meet your objectives. I know my main objectives are for interactive comments, but most companies want more. Most companies want readers to buy a product or attend and event. Well here are my questions. How do I get that experience companies want when my blog has a different funciton? How do I prove to companies that I can improve their business with social media?


Stirring Up the Pot: Smantha Shockley

November 30, 2010

I think part of the problem is that those kinds of show are very opinionated. I am a big fan of Family Guy and South Park as well. Both of those shows are the same way. Sometimes they touch on topics you just dont want to hear. However, I usually just don’t let it get to me. Part of what makes the shows so funny is the opinionated comments whether I agree with them or not.


PR Connections – Better Writing Tips: Amy Green

November 30, 2010

I think these are some great tips. I keep hearing more and more about the rule of threes. I wonder why we preceive messages better that way. I also like your basic topics you suggested: food, sex and danger. These tips will definitely help people.


PR Connections PR Writing 5: Melissa Morris

November 30, 2010

Congratulations! You know that you can write for the paper anytime you want. Just suggest a good story to the editor. They are usually very nice about letting students write who aren’t on staff. But once again congratulations on getting published!


A Graduation & Trip to [hopefully] Remember Always: Stefanie Mardar

November 30, 2010

Wow! That place is gorgeous. You are going to have so much fun. Make sure you do some fun outdoors stuff too. I always regret when I spend too much time just enjoying the hotel or resort anemities. It is definitely worth it to go parasailing or something like that. Also congrats on graduating soon!


PR Connections – Victoria Secret’s Fashion Show 2011: Cait Bailey

November 30, 2010

I love the Victoria Secret fashion show!! I need to watch it online or something. I missed it : (. Akon and Katie Perry too! I bet it was great. I also would love to know how you did that rate this part of the post. I think that is a great thing to add on to the post.


PR Daily Recognizes PR Prof’s Blog: Alicia DeCoste

That is so cool! I was wondering what it took to be on that site. Obviously many more hits and knowledgeable posts. That does say a lot for us as her students as well. I guess if we continue learning how to blog and keep up with PR like Prof Nixon we might make the Daily feed as well.


Podcasts are the BOMB!: Victoria Evans

November 30, 12010

I am still being convinced of podcasts. I think some are great but others are still boring to me. If I am not interested in the topic a podcast can seem like a boring seminar from a professor — just another class. However, I do agree some people give great podcasts that do keep my interest. And I usually do walk away learning something.


PR Connections Using Social Media to Jumpstart Your Career: Alicia Addison

November 30, 2010

I feel like I have the biggest problem witht he online footprint. I know that I need to be more careful with pictures and comments. My problem is not as much comments as pictures. I don’t have any really bad ones, but I do not filter them well. I like my pictures. Most of them are just memories. However, I bet this will hurt me at some point in time.


Blogging at its Finest: Eric Wiley

November 30, 2010

Haha. I like how you are still going to “enjoy your popcorn and watch Lebron destroy them.” It always make me confused as well how someone can love someone so much and hate them the next second. Just look at Packers fans with Farve. Or even Vick (ok his situation is a little different), but still. These hardcore fans change their tune pretty quickly when their “heroes” show their human mistakes. I guess I don’t understand because I am not as hard core for sports.


A picture’s worth 1000 words: Byron Tarplin

November 30, 2010

I love the title you used for this post. Pictures do have great effects. Look at the difference a picture makes in a blog posts. It always makes me more interested in blog posts. There was also that NewsU thing that had us look at all those pictures. There were some emotional ones and beautiful ones that really caught my attention.


Ten Ways PR Professionals Drive Journalists Crazy: Katie Poole

November 30, 2010

I loved this topic. A lot of other people most have too. I just finished writing a research paper for my Theories of Mass Comm class and a lot of the scholarly articles had stories abotu pr professional and journalists. One article discusses the reasons why PR professionals are discredited by journalists in the media. I wonder if they talk bad about pr professionals because we annoy them?


One day without shoes: Briana Patrick

November 30, 2010

I love TOMS! When Blake came to the school I got to hear him speak. He was inspiring. The idea of creating a charity and combining a profit makes more sense. I am in the process of picking out a new pair for my sister for Christmas now. I have no clue what to pick. There is so much moreto choose from. The company has really grown for the original shoes.


Week 16: Joy Raybon

November 30, 2010

I agree that the blog should reflect who you are. I also think that you should be careful because because an employee could find your blog. I think adding mulitmedia is another great way to enhance your blogging. Graphics and videos grab people’s attention and make the blog more interesting.

Heiarchy of Needs:

  1. Physiological Needs: air, water, food, clothing, ect.
  2. Safety Needs: protection against danger, loss of freedom, ect.
  3. Social Needs: acceptance, friendship, love, ect.
  4. Edo Needs: self-esteem, self-confidence, ect.
  5. Self-actualization needs: meet goals, grow to full potential, ect.


A sender is where the message or communication comes from.

A message what the sender wants to let people know.

A channel the method that the message gets to the public it was intended for.

A receiver the public the message is intended for.

I have spent years in Georgia’s educational system. I have been taught to write well though out sentences with a specific tone and different types of imagery. I have learned that I can extend sentences to fit a certain word count. The problem is now I need to “unlearn” how to extend sentences. Now I need to learn how to get straight to my point. I chose the Grammar Girl post called How to Write Clear Sentences.

Here are some of the tips that I have found most useful:

  • Try to avoid If . . . instead insert an infinitive. For example instead of saying ” if any of you want to learn more about grammar . . .” say “to learn more about grammar . . .”
  • Avoid redundant words: quite, actually, much, fairly, very, ect.
  • The strongest sentences begin with a Subj. + Verb combination or just with a verb.
  • Avoid unnecessary helping verbs.
  • Be careful with the word make. Ex: “He will be making the decision to . . .”

I learned to write clearer sentences by revising the sentences. Her biggest suggestion was to go back through my writing and make changes.

This week at Georgia Southern University, the school is putting on their annual A Day for Southern campaign. The Campaign was first created to educate people on the importance of giving back to the University. The problem is that the majority of Georgia Southern alum do not give money back to the University. A large number of that majority actually give to other Universities. Georgia Southern is a public school . We do get funding from the state. However, that funding is not enough. Georgia Southern has many goals that can only be met if alumni and the community alike pitch in.

The newest part of the Day for Southern campaign has been added on this year to show the community and alumni that they should care because the students care. The student campaign is done in hopes to get full student participation. The school wants to show the students that they can make a difference by working together, and show the community and alumni that students are also making an effort to improve their educational experience.

Students are walking around campus all week to collect $1 from every student. Students can also donate online at The idea is if every student gives $1 then we’ll have over $20,000 to give to what we as students care about at our University. Just like the alumni and community members get to choose where their money is going, students get to choose too.

Below is an informational video made by students who are part of SGA.

A public relations professional provides messages to the public on behalf of a client.

In order to do this the professional must do research. There are many different sources that PR professionals can use.

  1. Encyclopedias
  2. Dictionaries
  3. Stylebook
  4. Media Directory
  5. Professional Publications
  6. Internet groups and blogs
  7. Current events and Trends

I prefer to use Electronic Databases in order to search for these different reference sources. These databases often hold a variety of full text publications. They also make it easier to narrow my search.

The average sentence should be 15 to 17 words and should be written for the intended audience (or public).

I am involved in several different types of social media. My personal favorite is facebook. I will admit that I originally was a Myspace fan, so when I first tried facebook I was automatically hooked. I love how organized the pages are because it makes it easier for me to understand. I mainly use facebook to look at pictures and to post pictures. I also like keeping in touch with people. Recently I have found that facebook allows me to get in contact with people in my classes for some last-minute help.  I also love being able to talk to all my cousins who live in Key West, LA, PA and even Alaska. For a little while, I jumped on the farmville bandwagon, but since then I have not done any gaming on facebook. Most of all my facebook is more personal. It is just a form of communication between friends.

My blog is different. So far my blog has just been a source for my PR classes. I used it over the summer for my intro to PR class. I hope to continue the blog about my future internships and other steps I take as a future PR professional .

My twitter account is similar to my blog. I created the account for the intro to PR class I took. I enjoyed twitter, but I think it would be a lot easier to keep up with if I had internet on my phone. There are two things that I felt was most useful with twitter. I was able to link my blog to my twitter account, and I am following many PR professionals. The PR professionals will tweet about internships and other opportunities. It is the easiest method of networking I have used.

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