I am involved in several different types of social media. My personal favorite is facebook. I will admit that I originally was a Myspace fan, so when I first tried facebook I was automatically hooked. I love how organized the pages are because it makes it easier for me to understand. I mainly use facebook to look at pictures and to post pictures. I also like keeping in touch with people. Recently I have found that facebook allows me to get in contact with people in my classes for some last-minute help.  I also love being able to talk to all my cousins who live in Key West, LA, PA and even Alaska. For a little while, I jumped on the farmville bandwagon, but since then I have not done any gaming on facebook. Most of all my facebook is more personal. It is just a form of communication between friends.

My blog is different. So far my blog has just been a source for my PR classes. I used it over the summer for my intro to PR class. I hope to continue the blog about my future internships and other steps I take as a future PR professional .

My twitter account is similar to my blog. I created the account for the intro to PR class I took. I enjoyed twitter, but I think it would be a lot easier to keep up with if I had internet on my phone. There are two things that I felt was most useful with twitter. I was able to link my blog to my twitter account, and I am following many PR professionals. The PR professionals will tweet about internships and other opportunities. It is the easiest method of networking I have used.