This week at Georgia Southern University, the school is putting on their annual A Day for Southern campaign. The Campaign was first created to educate people on the importance of giving back to the University. The problem is that the majority of Georgia Southern alum do not give money back to the University. A large number of that majority actually give to other Universities. Georgia Southern is a public school . We do get funding from the state. However, that funding is not enough. Georgia Southern has many goals that can only be met if alumni and the community alike pitch in.

The newest part of the Day for Southern campaign has been added on this year to show the community and alumni that they should care because the students care. The student campaign is done in hopes to get full student participation. The school wants to show the students that they can make a difference by working together, and show the community and alumni that students are also making an effort to improve their educational experience.

Students are walking around campus all week to collect $1 from every student. Students can also donate online at The idea is if every student gives $1 then we’ll have over $20,000 to give to what we as students care about at our University. Just like the alumni and community members get to choose where their money is going, students get to choose too.

Below is an informational video made by students who are part of SGA.