I have spent years in Georgia’s educational system. I have been taught to write well though out sentences with a specific tone and different types of imagery. I have learned that I can extend sentences to fit a certain word count. The problem is now I need to “unlearn” how to extend sentences. Now I need to learn how to get straight to my point. I chose the Grammar Girl post called How to Write Clear Sentences.

Here are some of the tips that I have found most useful:

  • Try to avoid If . . . instead insert an infinitive. For example instead of saying ” if any of you want to learn more about grammar . . .” say “to learn more about grammar . . .”
  • Avoid redundant words: quite, actually, much, fairly, very, ect.
  • The strongest sentences begin with a Subj. + Verb combination or just with a verb.
  • Avoid unnecessary helping verbs.
  • Be careful with the word make. Ex: “He will be making the decision to . . .”

I learned to write clearer sentences by revising the sentences. Her biggest suggestion was to go back through my writing and make changes.