Communication has changed and grown for many years. At first people could only communicate face to face. When media evolved to mass media, communication between one to many through different avenues occurred. With the internet people were finally allowed to provide the communication. Communication channels such as blogs allow anyone to put out their information without going through a gatekeeper.

The next step to communication evolution is feedback. Comments allow for instant feedback. I believe comments are vital to a blog. Bloggers are putting out their ideas for the whole world to see for a reason. Most bloggers are counting on feed back. Blog posts that contain questions are obvious signs for desired comments.

However, I have noticed that some sites have an overload of comments. I will read a post, want to comment, but change my mind because there may be over 50 comments. A fellow blogger Georgina Laidlaw had some good insight on this topic. She said that taking comments off a blog is going in reverse back to publications. She also mentioned how blogs are about discussions, so taking away commenting is like stating your opinion is final.

People need to be able to refute or simply comment on posts, but what is the best way to comment? I think the best way to comment on blogs is by adding new information. You can comment on a certain part of the post but then add a new idea. A good way to add a new idea is by stating a new question. Here is my question to all of you: How do you get more people to comment on your blog posts?