I just got finished taking an online grammar course. The course is called /NewsU Cleaning Your Copy. The course was set up like online modules I had taken in the past. First I went through all the topics, which had subtopics. The course explained how each grammar rule worked. At the end of the each topic I answered a few practice questions. At the end of the entire course I took a test.

Items the course went over.

  •  Grammar – How to write concisely.
  • AP Style  –  How to cite sources and properly word subjects such as dates.
  • Punctuation – How to properly use punctuation.
  • Spelling – Which confusing words to use. Ex: Troupe vs. Troop

The course was a nice refresher on the information. However, the test was unrealistic. I had to edit the sentences. I felt like revision was also necessary. I think I will continue to use the course as a tool for quick reminders.