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The other day in my Theories of Mass Communication class my teacher put up pieces of brands on the board. We tried to identify the brands. Some brands were hardly able to identify. For example the Apple trade mark only had the stem of the apple, so it looked like a dot.

However, I was shocked by all the brands we identified. Out of everyone in our class everyone answered at least half of the brands correctly. The marketers who help put those brands in our view would have been pleased. None of us had ever studied exactly what each looked like but we still knew.

Later I went online and found a website called Best Global Brands 2010. The top five brands were Coke, IBM, Microsoft, Google and GE. The top nine brands all originated in the US followed by Nokia from Finland. I have to admit I was proud that Coke was on top. I am from the Atlanta suburbs, so I am happy the entire world represents.

The website showed how big of an impact the companies that originate in the US have all over the world. We are learning about different types of PR tools to use when we graduate and start working. Those PR tools affect companies decisions. Companies decisions and products can affect all different people globally.

Try it for yourself.

Since I started this blog for my public relations classes, I have been amazed by the amounts of comments I get. Every time I look on my dashboard, I have comments pending.

One day I was talking to my friend who is considering starting a blog to help promote her jewelry business. She told me her only hesitation was that she cannot be sure anyone will actually read or comment on her posts. I then told her about my stroke of luck. She quickly reminded me that my fellow students had to comment for their grades.

I went silent. I have been using a blog for almost six months now, and I had now advice to give my friends. I really do not know how to promote other people to look at my blog. I know commenting on other people’s blog helps. I also know that writing interactive posts is a good idea. But how would my friend write blog posts that would be worth her time and promote her business.

I found a fellow blogger Lee Odden who had these tips in his post 6 Tips for Making Content Pop on the Social Web:

  1.  Purpose: Know exactly what you want to accomplish with the context used in the blog/post.
  2. Message: Make the message something your audience is actually interested in.
  3. Packaging: Your blog should be easy to navigate and attractive to the eye.
  4. Distribution and Promotion: It is all about networking. You can connect your blog to other social media channels such as twitter.
  5. Call to Action: Let the reader have something to do after reading.
  6. Monitor, Measure, Analyze & Act: Record your success. Fix what is not working. It is a learing experience.

I think he gave some great tips. I want to use some of them in my blog because I hope one day I will be able to walk into an interview and tell the company about the success my blog has had.

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