Since I started this blog for my public relations classes, I have been amazed by the amounts of comments I get. Every time I look on my dashboard, I have comments pending.

One day I was talking to my friend who is considering starting a blog to help promote her jewelry business. She told me her only hesitation was that she cannot be sure anyone will actually read or comment on her posts. I then told her about my stroke of luck. She quickly reminded me that my fellow students had to comment for their grades.

I went silent. I have been using a blog for almost six months now, and I had now advice to give my friends. I really do not know how to promote other people to look at my blog. I know commenting on other people’s blog helps. I also know that writing interactive posts is a good idea. But how would my friend write blog posts that would be worth her time and promote her business.

I found a fellow blogger Lee Odden who had these tips in his post 6 Tips for Making Content Pop on the Social Web:

  1.  Purpose: Know exactly what you want to accomplish with the context used in the blog/post.
  2. Message: Make the message something your audience is actually interested in.
  3. Packaging: Your blog should be easy to navigate and attractive to the eye.
  4. Distribution and Promotion: It is all about networking. You can connect your blog to other social media channels such as twitter.
  5. Call to Action: Let the reader have something to do after reading.
  6. Monitor, Measure, Analyze & Act: Record your success. Fix what is not working. It is a learing experience.

I think he gave some great tips. I want to use some of them in my blog because I hope one day I will be able to walk into an interview and tell the company about the success my blog has had.