So this is my second time with the one week of twitter assignment. For those of you who don’t know this is an assignment where we must tweet, retweet, ect. throughout the week. The last time I did this assignment I was definitely a rookie. I did not understand what all the symbols were despite my best efforts. I didn’t understand why a profile only shows the tweets you send rather than all tweets involving you like facebook does with its wall. I also did not understand the different links on the site. I learned that a direct message was like messaging someone on facebook. No one could see it but the messenger and the receiver.

However during my second go around using twitter, I picked up plenty of helpful hints. The most important in my book is a hyperlink within the home page. In order to see what other people had commented on my tweets or who retweeted my tweets I had to click the hyperlink – @BriannaOW. Figuring out this important tool made my life a lot easier! I also realized that the button that looks like a recycle symbol works a lot easier than typing in RT to retweet a tweet.

This is just about all I can think of that I just recently learned from twitter. If you have any advice or can suggest any twitter podcasts, I would love to hear them. But for now . . .