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My blogs stats show me all different things. I can see how many people viewed my blog per day, month or year.  I can see what posts people viewed. I can see who clicked my site or even linked to my blog. I can also see how many times a search engine has used one of my posts. For me the stats are more of an ego boost to see who has viewed what.

However, PR professionals can use site stats for even more of an advantage. The Clarihon Blog goes over some of these benefits.

  • Understand the purpose of the site before using the stats.
  • Do people look at lots of pages because they are lost or interested?
  • Are visitors getting to the pages you want them to look at?
  • Marketers can check on customer loyalty and use Google analytics.
  • You can customize your sites based on the number and demographics of viewers.

With a change in media PR professionals also have to change their tactics. This chapter discussed ways to write for broadcast media. You must think of all the different elements involved: the sound, picture quality. There is a big difference between reading something on paper and hearing it or watching it.

PR professionals also use different tools:

  • Radio news release — similar to a press release, but in a more conversational tone.
  • Audio news release — incorporates multimedia such as sound clips.
  • Public service announcement (PSA) — written depending on how long it takes to say out loud. Uses simple conversational language to get the point across.

 Check out this video:

All I have to say about that is wouldn’t it be nice if a celebrity could get in a little fight without the whole world caring? This blew up all over the news. To me it sounds like it was all fabricated a little too much. For everyone who has Bieber fever, I am sure this was a huge deal. But to me it is just another invasion of privacy. I’m sure most people will just say that he is a celebrity so his privacy was forfeited a long time ago.

I am a member at Kappa Delta Sorority. One of the biggest philanthropy events that we hold each year raises money for Prevent Child Abuse America and locally in Bulloch. Prevent Child Abuse is a non-profit that works with families in need to help maintain a safe environment for children. PCABC works specifically by putting on educational programs and awareness for the local community. PCABC is in the middle of their diaper drive to distribute diapers to families who cannot afford them on their own.

At chapter one of our vice presidents described their next charity event. PCABC is teaming up with Belk in the Statesboro Mall for Belk’s charity sale. The store and PCABC are selling $5 tickets to the event. Belk will give everyone with a ticket $5 off their purchase. Belk will also have 20-70% off store wide.

The event will be November 6 from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. 100% of each $5 ticket sold will go to PCABC. The first 100 people in the door will receive gift cards ranging from $5 to $1,000. This event allows you to shop for a great cause. The best part is the money goes to the local charity, so you can see the difference you make in your own community. Make sure you get tickets soon!

A picture says a thousand words. With newer technology the public demands better quality pictures and videos in the media. This can make things tricky for a PR professional. Here are a few things to take into consideration when dealing with pictures and graphics.

Camera Angle

  • to enhance a tall building height shoot upward
  • try different angles to give different points of view such as aerial view
  • to capture a 180 degree angle us a fish-eye lens


  • Be sure to emphasize detail
  • Don’t have too much going on in the shot. Take out things that are not relevant.
  • Frame the picture appropriately.

Finding Photographers (Questions to ask)

  • Can you show me examples of similar works you have shot?
  • What contracts do you have with the media?
  • Can you help me distribute the pictures through the media?
  • Do you shoot digital?

Photo Session

  • Make sure you know what you want to capture with the pictures.
  • Plan ahead. Know where you want everyone before you start.
  • Let people know who or who will no be in the photo.
  • Pick an appropriate professional looking location.

Graphics and pictures can be fun. With today’s technology they are also easily manipulated. Try to remember to be ethical. Do not choose pictures that are altered or distort reality. Pictures can be falsifying, but they should tell the truth not a manipulated version fo the truth.

Feature stories have a different style then hard news stories. Feature stories do not have to be written in the inverted pyramid formula. They can be written in a more flexible formula. Often in a feature story, the writer will want to include a bio of a specific person involved in the story instead of a traditional summary lead. This allows for readers to relate to the story by relating of feeling for the person in the story. Here are some tips for writing a good feature story.

  • give a human dimension for situations and events
  • give background about the organizations so the reader knows about the actual organization involved in the story
  • generate publicity for standard products and services
  • provide behind the scenes prospective

These types of stories need good headlines. Unlike a hard news story the reader cannot just skim the first two paragraphs to know everything about the topic. Therefore a headline must persuade a reader to read the entire story. The headline must be informational, but it also must raise curiosity about the topic. The headline must entice the reader.

Universities have taken lip dubbing over. Schools show their spirit by following different students who lip dub through the entire school. Anyone who loves musicals will love this! The entire school jumps in with wacky costumes and mini skits. The students are helping to promote their school while leaving an amazing legacy. If that is not enough, then get this — the entire thing is done in one take with no edits. Here is one of my favorites from the University of Victoria in Canada.

So here is my challenge for everyone who goes to Georgia Southern. I want to make a lip dub video for our school. I am at the very beginning of the process, so right now I just want to know what everyone thinks. Let me know lip dubbing a good idea or not?

There are many different social media and other websites that can be helpful for a public relations professional and college student. This week our teacher introduced us to one in particular – PROpenMic. I will briefly discuss a few of the benifits PROpenMic has.

As a junior in college my eyes automatically go to any job or internship postings. I am always looking for new ways to see what types of jobs are out there. The problem is that most listings do not include PR specific jobs. The job listing category on the home page for PROpenMic does. Right now I can lear more about or apply for two internships one of which is in Atlanta.

There is also the PR News Mashup. The Mashup shows headlines for different recent events that might interest a public relations professional. I personally hate looking at tons of headlines that I have absolutely no interest in while I sift through some current events. So this website has the perfect resource.

There are also music clips and podcasts available. Podcasts are a great resource becuase they allow you to learn more about different areas of communications and PR without leaving your bed. I don’t know about you, but I prefer learnign im my pajamas.

Finally, the site allows users to post pictures, videos, stories and pretty much anything they find interesting. It is social media for public relations. People who are in the know, and people who want to get in the know check it out.

This chapter describes four  basic tools PR professionals use to get stories out to the media.

  1. Fact Sheets: short description an event, organization or new product that gives the journalist the most important information about the topic
  2. Media Advisory: (AKA Media Alerts) used to tell editors about an upcoming event. It contains the most important information about the topic using the five w’s. It also suggest possible pictures, video clips and interviews.
  3. Electronic Press Kits: It is a media kit that is prepared digitally either on a cd or a company’s website. Since it is digital, it allows PR professionals to add high-resolution videos, pictures and sound bites.
  4. Media Kit: used to present an idea or new product to the media with materials: news release, photograph, feature stories, fact sheets, position papers, backgrounds and brief biological sketches.
  5. Pitch letters: letters used to convince editors or journalists to write about a certain topic. Pitch letter must be written to the correct audience the editor with newsworthy information.

This week our teacher had us do a LeadLab course online to learn more about writing leads. Here are some basic tips I learned from the course.

  • A lead should be a summary.
  • Use the five w’s when writing leads – who, what, when, where and why
  • The most important newsworthy information goes first.
  • The lead tells the reader what the focus of the article will be about.

I thought this lead course was a good overview of writing leads. It also forced me to focus more on the content of the leads that I write. However, because the course is short and only online, I felt like I needed more practice after I finished the exercises.

I am also in a news, reporting and writing course this semester. We get plenty of practice writing leads. One thing I learned that I think is important to include has to do with structure. Since you always put the most newsworthy information first, do not start with when. A lead should usually go who did what. When should only begin the lead when it makes a story more interesting.


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