This chapter has to do with making, finding and creating the news for the media. Journalists look for different attributes that make a story newsworthy. As aspiring PR professionals it is important to know what journalists look for in order to make our stories newsworthy.

Here are eight different things that journalists believe make a story newsworthy:

  1. Proximity – location
  2. Prominence – celebrities get more attention
  3. Signifigance – is the story relevant
  4. Timeliness – write about what just happened
  5. Human Interest
  6. Unusualness
  7. Conflict
  8. Newness

PR professionals must appeal to the newsworthy attributes. PR professionals can use these avenues to find newsworty events:

  • polls
  • surveys
  • product demonstrations
  • protests
  • awards

This can be a hard process for PR professionals. PR professionals should make sure they know what is newsworthy, and who to send the news to. Creating relationships with local media channels such as the local newspaper is a great way to get your story the attention it deserves.