This chapter describes four  basic tools PR professionals use to get stories out to the media.

  1. Fact Sheets: short description an event, organization or new product that gives the journalist the most important information about the topic
  2. Media Advisory: (AKA Media Alerts) used to tell editors about an upcoming event. It contains the most important information about the topic using the five w’s. It also suggest possible pictures, video clips and interviews.
  3. Electronic Press Kits: It is a media kit that is prepared digitally either on a cd or a company’s website. Since it is digital, it allows PR professionals to add high-resolution videos, pictures and sound bites.
  4. Media Kit: used to present an idea or new product to the media with materials: news release, photograph, feature stories, fact sheets, position papers, backgrounds and brief biological sketches.
  5. Pitch letters: letters used to convince editors or journalists to write about a certain topic. Pitch letter must be written to the correct audience the editor with newsworthy information.