There are many different social media and other websites that can be helpful for a public relations professional and college student. This week our teacher introduced us to one in particular – PROpenMic. I will briefly discuss a few of the benifits PROpenMic has.

As a junior in college my eyes automatically go to any job or internship postings. I am always looking for new ways to see what types of jobs are out there. The problem is that most listings do not include PR specific jobs. The job listing category on the home page for PROpenMic does. Right now I can lear more about or apply for two internships one of which is in Atlanta.

There is also the PR News Mashup. The Mashup shows headlines for different recent events that might interest a public relations professional. I personally hate looking at tons of headlines that I have absolutely no interest in while I sift through some current events. So this website has the perfect resource.

There are also music clips and podcasts available. Podcasts are a great resource becuase they allow you to learn more about different areas of communications and PR without leaving your bed. I don’t know about you, but I prefer learnign im my pajamas.

Finally, the site allows users to post pictures, videos, stories and pretty much anything they find interesting. It is social media for public relations. People who are in the know, and people who want to get in the know check it out.