Feature stories have a different style then hard news stories. Feature stories do not have to be written in the inverted pyramid formula. They can be written in a more flexible formula. Often in a feature story, the writer will want to include a bio of a specific person involved in the story instead of a traditional summary lead. This allows for readers to relate to the story by relating of feeling for the person in the story. Here are some tips for writing a good feature story.

  • give a human dimension for situations and events
  • give background about the organizations so the reader knows about the actual organization involved in the story
  • generate publicity for standard products and services
  • provide behind the scenes prospective

These types of stories need good headlines. Unlike a hard news story the reader cannot just skim the first two paragraphs to know everything about the topic. Therefore a headline must persuade a reader to read the entire story. The headline must be informational, but it also must raise curiosity about the topic. The headline must entice the reader.