Schools have now integrated new media into their curriculum. I am sure this class did not involve blogs or twitter five years a go. But now the class is completely online and my biggest project is this blog.

The world wide web and new media have changed public relations forever. PR professionals must use different techniques when writing for the web such as

  • Define the website’s objective.
  • Write for the proper audience.
  • Constantly update!
  • Make the site interactive.
  • Allow and use feedback.

PR professionals need to also understand how to make the website. Here are some tips:

  • Have a vision or objective for the site.
  • Use a copy writer for the text.
  • Use a graphic artist for the design.
  • Use a computer programmer for the actual website code.

                *Trust me I am in web page development now. If you need a programmer do not hesitate to get one. It is      very  difficult to learn how to program.

Remember to make the site interactive. I know you like commenting on blogs. So allow for people to comment on your website.