Guess what? Extreme Makeover Home Edition has come to Savannah! Carmen and Jim Simpson constantly give back to their community. They have three kids Zoe, Katelyn and Isaac. Zoe was born with a life threatening disease. The crew wanted to work with the family to help improve their lives with a more suitable home for their family.

The best part is Georgia Southern students got to volunteer. I helped work the media tent checking people in. At the end of the day I was able to sneak in to the construction zone. I was expecting to see a bunch of celebrities working on a house. What I saw was the community working on the house. It was great to know that the community is the one giving back to the amazing family.

I know that a favorite part for many viewers is the “Move that Bus” scene. I tried to find a good clip of the scene, so you can get the inside scoop before the episode airs in January.

This one shows the family entering the house. (And posing for pictures of course.)