This past week I listened to The Creative Career’s Generations in the Workplace. The podcast was done in the form of an interview with David Stillman the co-author of The M Factor: How the Millennial Generation is Rocking the Workplace.

First Stillman described the millennial generation (1982 – 2000):

  • Parents now have a larger role in their children’s lives even when they are graduated and working.
  • The generation seeks entitlement. They want to work their way up through a company.
  • They also want meaning in their work. A job is not enough.
  • This generation does not settle for the past office space. They want more direct communication with the big dogs.
  • They do not like slow processes or cars. They want tasks to run more quickly.
  • The  millennials are familiar with social media. They use the media for communications and even to prove their worth in a job.
  • They must also be able to collaborate with other workers and administrators.

This podcast offered great tips for anyone going into this workplace. Since that will be me in a year and a half, I found it very helpful. I also like the idea that I am getting my advice from PR professionals. They not only have been through it before, but they also know what they want out of future employees. It is a great way to learn.