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I don’t know about you, but I am sick of people telling me to clean up my Facebook. I think it is clean. Am I supposed to wear a suit in every picture as if I were interviewing for a job? Should I get rid of some of my friends who have pages that are less than perfect? My own mother reads my Facebook, and she thinks it’s cute. So what is the big deal? How do I draw the line between a Facebook page I can be proud of and the pages people use as bad examples.

On the other hand, my Twitter is professional. I use it as my own micro-blogging networking tool. I tell my friends that they need to clean up their tweets and profile. I complain about having to un-follow friends because of their constant use of profanity.

The question is am I a hypocrite or just confused about the difference between the two social media sites?

Since I have a bias for myslef, I am going with the latter. After taking some time to research the issue, I found that the problem lies in the audience of the social media page. First let’s compare Facebook to Twitter. Here is a chart that a Social Media Pro Heather Shipley sent me:

At first glance the two seem fairly similar. However, Steve Thornton wrote a post that depicted the differences. He described the conversation on Facebook as, “you chat with old friends and acquaintances, mixing and mingling in an intimate manner.”

He said the conversation style on Twitter was that “you want to meet people and somehow make yourself known, stand out from the crowd, make an impression, self promote and make new connections. Twitter is like getting the podium and not everyone feels comfortable or knows how to stand comfortably in the spotlight.” Thornton even cut first time tweeters some slack because of the public speaking butterflies.

Since both Facebook and Twitter use different conversation styles then they must have different audiences, right?

Shipley helped me out with this one too. She said that they do have different audiences so “you have to tailor your messages to your audience accordingly.” This means that some messages can be used for both audiences. Shipley even found a way to connect her Twitter and Facebook, so the appropriate messages are instantly copied.

However, you have to remember to be selective because not every tweet can be a post. Tweets use a different language with # (hash tags), @ (mentions), RT (retweets — not to be confused with RT Evans) and DM (direct message) that some people don’t understand. And not every post can be a tweet. Posts can often be too personal for the public audience of Twitter.

This is what I have learned:

  • Both of my pages reflect my personality. While I would like to graduate, and get a job one day, I do not constantly wear suits. Creativity in pictures is fine. But I need to make sure that my grandmother would be proud.
  • My Facebook is for my friends and family. I keep it personal. I do not have this page attached to my other social media sites. However, I have to keep my posts and pictures clean. I caution everyone: nothing is private.
  • My Twitter is professional. However, I have to understand that some people may use personal Twitter pages. Since Twitter is received by more of a mass audience, I feel as though it needs to be professional. So I will continue to follow professionals — and professional students of course.

Enough about me, What do you think? Take this poll and comment. Go ahead challenge me or maybe agree with me.



If your chapter is not leveraging online recruitment through websites, social media and building communities, you will be left behind.

I am a Kappa Delta from Georgia Southern. In my three years as a Kappa Delta and a public relations major, I’ve learned that we are way behind in the world of PR. I wanted to see if we were the only ones, so I looked up a Kappa Delta’s discussion on facebook to learn what other chapters have done for PR. Apparently, people think PR is baking cookies, throwing tea parties, and playing paintball, which is hardly the case.

While those techniques have worked for sororities in the past, more effective PR techniques exist. Here are my top five PR techniques for Greeks:

  1. Represent your brand. Sororities and fraternities have brands that were created at a national level.Local chapters need to display the same brands with their PR. In other words, be sure to correlate all your websites, social media,signs and other marketing tools on the chapter and national levels. A custom website is a great way to build and develop your brand.


Read more at The Web Greek Blog


Have you ever met someone and said, “Find me on Facebook.” or “Are you on twitter? Follow me.” Were you walking away and didn’t have time to take out the smart phone and search? I know you can swap business cards quickly. But do you put your social media information on your business cards? Well if you are anything like me, then you are constantly updating you contact information anyway based on where you are and what you are doing. So it is time to say goodbye to the ancient business card and say hello to poken.

Let’s start with a “high 4” or pokenSPARK. When you meet someone to trade information simply place you spark’s hand against theres. Afterwards there is a little green glow symbolizing the swap of information.



Next is my personal favorite and the poken I just bought: pokenPULSE. The pulse has a 2GB memory stick and a poken all in one. Don’t worry you still get the cute “high 4” just with an extra dose of practicality.



Here are some great extras:

  • The poken hub allows you to manage your card and identity. There are different widgets to personalize your poken.
  • There is a timeline to manage your friends.
  • The poken is also an electronic rolodex. You have people’s phone numbers, but now you can have all their information in one place with a simple touch of a hand.

A trend is not just a popular style of clothing. A trend is not just something that everyone is doing. And a trend is not just a general direction in which things tend to move. A trend is something marketers, advertisers, sellers, retailers, fashion designers and so many others will pay out the roof to know about before anyone else.

So who starts trends?




We all need to learn about QR codes. QR stands for quick response. According to QR Stuff, a  “QR code is a mobile phone readable barcode that’s been big in Japan forever, broke into Eurpoe a while back, and is now getting traction in USA.”  A QR code can be scanned by cell phones and sent as text, a website, social media sites, a phone number, a paypal account and so much more. QR codes can be printed on virutally anything.

Just think about the advertising. A company can print QR codes on different products. Then when people see the product they can scan the code and be linked to the company’s site. Professionals can put QR codes on their business cards. Why type in someone’s email or look up someone’s social media when you can scan the QR code  and get the information directly on your cell phone.

I know what you’re thinking. “Why have I not heard of this before?” Good question because they seem to be everywhere. Check out this video from CSI.

Now that you know how amazing QR codes are, download the app. for your phone and try it out on some QR codes that I made.

I have known for a long time now that I need to pay more attention to what is going on in the world. I need to keep up with the news. The problem is I don’t want to read newspapers. I don’t even want to read newspapers online. I have seen some different websites that claim they display the kind of news that I want to see and the way that I want to see it. All of those sites don’t hold my interest. Yesterday I decided to look at a new site Mark Ragan had tweeted about, One Minute News.

One Minute News displays news as videos and stories. The site is very easy to navigate. I can decide the topic of news that I want to watch. I can also look at trending news. The top story is not what a reporter thinks is important. My top story is what my peers think is important.

Most importantly all the videos are 60 seconds. They have a team of people from different professions summing up the new into a concise format. I don’t know about you but I am definitely willing to take 60 seconds out of my day to stay updated.

If you are worried about being able to comment or share the news, you don’t need to be anymore. One Minute News allows you to comment and even tweet your comment. You can also rate topics about the different videos in the polls tab of the website.

On the roadmap tab of the website you can see what they are planning on doing with the site. One thing that I am concerned with is that they have not yet created an app. According to the site, “From smartphones to tablets we’ll be working to optimize our mobile experience as well as build into our social community features for portable bliss.”

Joe Pompeo covered One Minute News in Yahoo News. He spoke to MTV advertising executive Mark Greenlaw who said that their key audience is people from 21 – 35 year-olds. This age allows them to target the portion of generation Y that has an interest in the news. Pompeo quoted Greenlaw saying ”We just really feel that in high school and even in college, the younger members of our generation aren’t necessarily quite there yet in terms of news and being interested in the news. We think that the post-graduate age is the key age.”

They recently launched the site. I think after they are done making their apps and increasing their social network the site will be a hit. If regular news is too boring and clips of news are too cluttered, then you need to check One Minute News out.

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