I have known for a long time now that I need to pay more attention to what is going on in the world. I need to keep up with the news. The problem is I don’t want to read newspapers. I don’t even want to read newspapers online. I have seen some different websites that claim they display the kind of news that I want to see and the way that I want to see it. All of those sites don’t hold my interest. Yesterday I decided to look at a new site Mark Ragan had tweeted about, One Minute News.

One Minute News displays news as videos and stories. The site is very easy to navigate. I can decide the topic of news that I want to watch. I can also look at trending news. The top story is not what a reporter thinks is important. My top story is what my peers think is important.

Most importantly all the videos are 60 seconds. They have a team of people from different professions summing up the new into a concise format. I don’t know about you but I am definitely willing to take 60 seconds out of my day to stay updated.

If you are worried about being able to comment or share the news, you don’t need to be anymore. One Minute News allows you to comment and even tweet your comment. You can also rate topics about the different videos in the polls tab of the website.

On the roadmap tab of the website you can see what they are planning on doing with the site. One thing that I am concerned with is that they have not yet created an app. According to the site, “From smartphones to tablets we’ll be working to optimize our mobile experience as well as build into our social community features for portable bliss.”

Joe Pompeo covered One Minute News in Yahoo News. He spoke to MTV advertising executive Mark Greenlaw who said that their key audience is people from 21 – 35 year-olds. This age allows them to target the portion of generation Y that has an interest in the news. Pompeo quoted Greenlaw saying ”We just really feel that in high school and even in college, the younger members of our generation aren’t necessarily quite there yet in terms of news and being interested in the news. We think that the post-graduate age is the key age.”

They recently launched the site. I think after they are done making their apps and increasing their social network the site will be a hit. If regular news is too boring and clips of news are too cluttered, then you need to check One Minute News out.