This year I can’t help but feel  like I have been riding a wild horse with roller blades strapped to its feet through a whirl wind of clubs, societies, seminars, meetings, webinars, conferences, interviews, classes, work and so on. I have a never ending to-do list with ways to increase my professional resume. I refuse to graduate without feeling fulfilled in all things college life. I could hire a full time assistant just to manage my social media sites. And I just wish I could clone myself to be social at the pool and be at work all at the same time.

After debating constantly with my friends over who is busier, I have decided that our plates are all just about over flowing. The worst part is there is a lingering thought constantly haunting us. If we stop working, slow down for just one minute or make the wrong decision, we might be finding ourselves stuck in our parents’ basements working  dead-end jobs where all our hard work never paid off.

There is one thing that keeps me calm through all the madness. I go back to the familiar. I go back to the routine that I have been doing since my first day at kindergarten. I remember that first and for most I am a student. And while I near the end of my junior year at college, I feel like being a student is one thing that I can be confident in.

If you feel like you could use more confidence in your classes, here are some tips that have never failed me:

  1. Never skip class.
  2. Never miss a homework assignment.
  3. Never skip a quiz.
  4. Find at least one friend in every class.
  5. Keep an updated agenda, calendar and to-do list.
  6. Make sure every professor knows you by name.
  7. Always study more than one day in advance.
  8. Check and re-check all assignments for errors.
  9. Keep a back up file on hand.
  10. Keep the style book of your professor’s choosing with you at all times.

I want to know: How are you or how did you survive college?

(The perfect depiction of my fears from Techie Nation.)