Twenty-four hours without sleep can seem like an eternity. Whether it’s an all night cram session for that calculus final, a nurse’s first night shift, a crying baby, or the shortest stick on the cross-country road trip, the only thing slower than those 24 hours is that getting ready process the next morning.

But imagine if you were staying up 24 hours because you could not sleep after your doctor diagnosed you with cancer. I say imagine knowing all too well that many of you have been faced with this situation. Cancer has touched so many people’s lives. So what are you doing to help those families (your own family) with the fear, sadness and hopelessness that they have felt during those first 24 hours?

Join teams from your community to help The American Cancer Society.

Honor your loved ones with luminaries and inspire so many others to Relay. We are not sleeping because cancer does not sleep, and we are fighting for more birthdays.

Relay for Life Bulloch County will be April 29th at the Kiwanis Ogeechee Fairgrounds. Use your 24 hours to make a difference and join us to relay.

My reason to Relay: Merrill King.

Devon King is one of my friend’s from high school. They are sisters that were separated too early because of Merrill’s battle with leukemia. I Relay in hopes that no more big sisters ever have to say goodbye to their little sisters.

What’s your reason to Relay?