Tweeting during surgery could change health care. But is is a good or bad thing?

First of all everything health care professionals do will be announced to the public if they tweet during surgery. This means that every decisions can be scrutinized. This also means that suggestions and advice can be given instantaneously. But will this affect how effectively they work? Will the incoming tweets be a distraction? Will health care professionals be too nervous to make sound decisions?

Looking on the bright side patients can take comfort knowing that their team of health care professionals will grow by the thousands. There will no longer be only one surgeon. There will be one surgeon with thousands who can tweet advice in minutes.

The scariest part about all this is privacy. Surgery is dangerous and risky. So why would anyone allow their surgeons to tweet out the process. What if something goes wrong? Do the family members worried in the waiting room really want to read a play-by-play of tweets while their loved one struggles for life on a table?

Grey’s Anatomy has thrown out dramatic twists and turns on the show for years. Tweeting surgery may just be another one of their dramatized ideas. But this idea can and might already be happening. Do you know of any health care professionals who tweet out their procedures? Do you think that this will liberate patients from the secret lives of health care professionals? I guess only time can tell what will happen if this trend catches on.