Social networking sites have redefined the way businesses and organizations advertise, market products and engage with customers. So it was only a matter of time before those businesses and organizations tried to redefine social networking sites and social media for their own benefit. Here are three of the most recent ad. campaigns that have tried to put a spin on social networking.

The Coleman Campsite

This one is my favorites. Their play on a campsite and a social networking site was genius.

PepsiCo Social Vending

I like the concept. I would love to get a text that someone bought me a soda. The only problem is should we really be plugging our information into a vending machine? Only time will tell whether or not these vending machines are successful.

Bud Light Write-On Label

While this advertisement does not come out and say that they are putting a twist on social networking, it is still obvious. Forget texting, calling, tweeting or creating a Facebook event. Go ahead and write messages on the bottle. It is a good thought, but I doubt it will be much of a hit. However, the bottle will probably boost sales enough at the beginning that the Bud Light marketers will consider the write-on label a success.

What do you think? Have you seen any advertising campaigns that have put a spin on the social networking we use today?