It has been more than a month since my last post, more than a month since I have regularly checked any social media site, and more than month since I started my summer internship.

I am in the middle of a management internship at Target. Don’t get me wrong I love the internship. I love the energy, and I love the responsibility. But working 40 hours a week for the first time in my life has been a huge adjustment.

After my first week my mom asked if I felt grown up. The truth is I feel like a college student trapped in a adult’s work life.I work for eight hours a day five days a week, and I work every other weekend. I am also living back in my parents house. I no longer have my own room or my own bathroom. So at home I feel like I am in high school again, but at work I feel like I have been graduated from college for years.

I know at this internship I am getting experience that has already put me ahead of the game. But interning is like being in limbo. I am not a truly a part of the company, but I am not just a student anymore. So my questions are how are your internships going? How are you adjusting to 40 hours a week? How are you trying to balance  everything?

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