Recently PRSA GA put on Shadow Day for PRSSA students in Georgia. When I was preparing for Shadow Day, I went to my boss, Vince Miller, for some advice. Overlooking the jokes he threw in about me, it was actually really helpful.

  1. You know that person in class that you want to throw stuff at? Don’t be that person. 
  2. Don’t talk to much.
  3. Don’t answer every question.
  4. When they ask you a question always answer (with something intelligent — I made this inference from his don’t say something stupid Brianna stare. That is the look he gives me when his boss comes around.).
  5. When someone else answers a question (and you like their answer), tell them good job (for example: good point).
  6. Leave a good impression with every person you speak to. (For me this is the most frustrating piece of advice because I have no clue how to do that.)

When I walked into Shadow Day at MSL in Atlanta. The one thing that continued to play through my mind was my boss’ advice. Even though I may have talked the most in the group (everyone else was painfully quiet way too often), I think it went really well.  I learned so much about PR, agency life, MSL and even tips on how to get a job after graduation. What do you think? Do you disagree or agree with any of his advice? Do you have some advice to add?


Keep a look out for my follow up piece on Shadow Day and the networking event.