When I think of a Bucket List, I think people like the guys in Buried Life. People who drop what they are doing to fulfill their extravagant dreams. 

I do believe in the beautiful spontaneity of fulfilling your bucket list. But something inside me yearns for a list that I can actually complete before I die. So don’t judge me as bland, boring or even practical. I have plenty of dreams and ideas too far fetched to accomplish, but I believe a bucket list should contain goals. And I like goals I can achieve.

  • Have a successful career as a professional who enjoys waking up in the morning.
  • Earn a degree higher than my soon-to-be bachelors.
  • Travel to the beach at least once a year to remind myself about the feeling of sun in the sand and the sound of the ocean.
  • Go to a foreign country.
  • See a musical on Broadway.
  • Sing on a stage again.
  • Have the kind of marriage that lasts and is true.
  • Raise a beautiful family.
  • Always find happiness in any situation.