Before I can tell you about my dream job, I need to take you all the way back. Up until high school I knew I was going to be a professional singer. I sang in every choir possible. I always did all of the duets, solos and honor choirs. Then one day I realized that the people who make it as singers and musicians are not just ok; they are great. And I was not great.

So in highschool I decided I wanted to write for magazines. I joined the newspaper. I wrote every fun feature story that I could get my hands on. Then in college I met a professor who changed that.

Most people tell the story about the professor who nurtured their dreams. My story is about the professor who made me realize I did not want to end up like him. Old and bitter about a failed career.

I did some research and every light bulb in the room went on when I discovered public relations. At this point I am new to it. I have done multiple internships, and I know I love the profession. However, I do not exactly where I want to (or will) end up.

Currently I am in my job/internship hunt. The rest is to be continued . . .