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If I had the money and the time I would take the first flight I could to Greece. I would love to to go stay near the ocean. Going out on a sailboat in the water and riding a donkey into town every morning would be fantastic. To me the ocean is the most calming vacation I can have. So if I could go beyond Greece I would be go island hopping. I would go to Tuscany, the Bahamas, the Dominican, Hawaii and of course Australia. It is all about the beach and the water.


As Millennials we have grown up with technology at our fingertips. And most of us have grown up communicating digitally through AIM, email and especially now social media. In most of my classes I see students pitching ideas and campaigns that surround around social media. It is familiar and an obvious answer to most of us.

But I have had first hand experience trying to sell the idea of social media in my internships. And speaking from experience, other generations are not always sold on the idea. Most of my supervisors would rather resort to traditional communication strategies.

However, I have had luck convincing them to consider social media with research and providing a way to evaluate the social media strategy. For example for my event planning internship at Career Services, I first researched other Career Services that had social media policies and strategies. I used Princeton as my primary source because of the success of their social media strategies. Next, I showed her different evaluation methods such as tracking statistics on hootsuite that would be the most suitable for my supervisor to continue using after I left. After all my hard work, she has now taken the strategies we put together to get approved for budget next year.

After all was said and done the most important thing was to make sure that she understood the return on investment that Career Services could gain from the social media strategy. If you can find the ROI, you can better pitch your ideas.

Boy Meets World!

When everyone else was watching Friends, I was not allowed to watch “adult shows.” My parents kept me under a PG rock as far as movies and tv shows are concerned. So I stuck to the basic shows. My favorite was “Boy Meets World.” I used to watch it every week. When the reruns began, I was hooked all over again.

I would say I hope they bring this show back, but it is still on tv in the early afternoon. ABC Family still runs the show with some of my other favorites such as “Gilmore Girls.” The only problem is that lovely Statesboro, Ga. cable, Northland Cable, no longer offers ABC Family. Soon I will be back in Atlanta, and I will be once again hooked on “Boy Meets World.”

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