As I approach graduation an overwhelming felling of denial has completely taken over. Everyone around me has been sad or excited. However, I wake up every morning go to work and act as if I will be here for a few more years. But in a last attempt to remind myself that college really is over, here is a reflection of this semester.

The best part of this semester was being able to coordinate Y Are You in PR? our PRSSA chapter’s Regional Conference. I could have cried on the day when I saw everyone enjoying the speakers and other events. I started preparing for the Conference May of last year when I researched for the bid. I still can’t believe how amazing everything turned out. Another huge positive was all the work experience I was able to gain this semester. Between my internships and job, I really stopped feeling like a student. I really enjoy working and the respect and accomplishment gained from completing a project.

However, work also led to the biggest low of the semester. I put my time management skills to the test this semester by over packing my schedule. While I did learn how to delegate like a pro, I feel like I truly learned my limit. The word “no” is firmly in my vocabulary. Just because opportunities exist does not mean I need to take everyone one of them on.

For my internship this summer I am going to rely heavily on the skills I learned this semester. I got my first taste in media relations with my Visiting Nurse Internship. I was able to learn about all the event details with Regional Conference and my Career Services Internship. My student assistant position at Student Affairs has left me with a wealth of knowledge from Adobe and Microsoft skills, to working with designers and writing copy for a million different projects. Most of all I have learned what I can handle and how to say no. I feel confident that I am ready to enter the real world and put my skills to use.

“The more you read the more you’ll know. The more you learn the more places you’ll go!” – Dr. Seuss