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As an entry-level pr girl, some words can really stick with you. Some of the words I have heard since graduation are so foreign I could swear they were wrong. Some words are so crushing they can replay for hours . . .

Let it Go


  1. “The position has all ready been filled.” Probably the most heart-wrenching thing to read or hear from a place you applied to. 
  2. “Sorry not interested.” If you have ever had this response from a pitch — yes while better than nothing — you know how rejection feels. I prefer some feedback. “Sorry we are looking for a story with a local angle.”
  3. “We decided to go with the old communication strategy.” After hours of brainstorming and a drawn out approval process, I can’t help but be sad when our hard work is thrown away.

The important thing is not to dwell on the worst but remember the best. Holding on to confidence is what will move you ahead. So go ahead, learn from the worst but celebrate the best . . .


  1. “I would like to set up an interview.” Whether a reporter responding to a pitch or a potential employer moving you forward as a candidate, these words are always good to hear!
  2. “You must be a reporter?” A reporter mistaking your PR identity is amazing! (Welcome to the jurno club.)
  3. “You have an amazing media mind.” Impressing your manager can really top the charts!

What are some uplifting comments you received in  your first year?

Impossible to live without failing


I want to dedicate this post to having fun after graduation. College was amazing, but the fun does not need to stop there.

I live in Atlanta now, and I love everything the city has to offer. But as an intern (and new to the city), I know it can be hard to find a social scene. Don’t let that stop you! Atlanta in the Fall is packed with festivals and events. So take it from me — work is much  more enjoyable when your weekends are jam-packed with fun! Here are some tips to lock in to your city!

  • The emails may be annoying but Living Social and GroupOn are both great ways to clue into festivals and outdoor events.
  • Gold Star has become my place to find all the plays and musicals I want at great prices!
  • Sporting events are a great way to pretend you are in college again! Don’t stop supporting your team. Most colleges will have meetups in local restaurants for their alumni.
  • You joined clubs in college; why not join them now. Recently I have been going to Social Media Club meetings, which I love. But I also keep my eye open for blogging and other meetups.
  • Don’t forget holidays! Just because you don’t have a flood of college invites to tacky Christmas parties does not mean you can’t find them near you. Call up some people you met interning and go thrifting for your outfits.
  • ScoutMob is my little slice of heaven! An app that gives me 50% off restaurants and clothing stores near by. Need a networking excuse. Forward someone you met at an event an invitation to try a new pizza place from ScoutMob.

Looking back at everything I have done since graduation, I have nothing to complain about. Work or classes, I always manage to squeeze amazing memories in the mix.

Do you have any other suggestions? Any post-grad memories that really top the charts?

This is an amazing infographic! A great depiction of what PR is. Good job PR Newswire!

Beyond PR

In a world of constant communication, PR is once again taking center stage … but in a whole new way. To get a clearer idea of what modern PR looks like, we went to the source and asked you, our audience.

About a month ago, we took to the PR streets of social media and asked our friends and followers to complete the sentence “PR is ____.”  The conversation took off at the 2012 PRSA International Conference, and continued on Twitter, under the hashtag #PRis. The response was so incredible and insightful, we put together this infographic  to convey the diversity and depth of the your answers.

A special thank you to everyone who joined in the conversation!

Author Jamie Heckler is a senior multimedia designer for PR Newswire.  She’s also the creator of this infographic.

The evolution of PR – related reading:

Earning more media through brand…

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Admit it! I am sure most of you have stalked friends (or maybe strangers) on Facebook before.

Well social media stalking does not have to be this unproductive skill of our generation. It is time we put those skills to good use. Here are two constructive ways to use your social media stalking skills that may help you advance instead of procrastinate:

1. Job Hunting: First of all if you aren’t on LinkedIn, take a break from this post and sign up! LinkedIn is a fantastic way to “stalk” your way to interview or application prep. What do I mean by this? Let’s go over some do’s and don’ts of LinkedIn.

  • Do: Connect with people  you actually know by sending out a PERSONALIZED invitation.
  • Don’t: Connect with people you don’t know by claiming you were friends.
  • Do: Follow a company you are interested in working for. Familiarize yourself with the people who work there. Find commonalities.
  • Don’t: Creep someone out by memorizing their profile.
  • Do: Find people who link you with a company to get introduced from someone you know.
  • Don’t: [Repeat] Connect with people you don’t know by claiming you were friends.
  • Do: Search for jobs on LinkedIn.
  • Don’t: Just search for jobs on LinkedIn. Most jobs posted on LinkedIn will also be posted on the company’s career site. Be sure you compare the two and make sure the application process is the same. In doubt – apply on the company’s site.
  • Do: keep an updated profile with job history, recommendations, skills etc.
  • Don’t: Treat your LinkedIn profile like your Facebook profile!

2. Pitching, Client Meetings, Etc. 

As an entry-level employee you will most likely be required to write-up a background, research a potential client, create a media list, etc. All of those tasks will require you to use strategic research skills. Well if you were able to find out that Tina’s ex-boyfriend’s brother is divorced on Facebook, you can research people too!

Let’s say your manager asks you to look up someone’s contact information.

  • First if you have a resource such as cision, get the contact information from there.
  • Second, check the person’s company site to verify or find contact information.
  • Then, once you have initial information take it a step further. See if you can get any background that may help your manager or yourself contact the person. (Try checking LinkedIn.)
  • The important thing is to think beyond the initial ask. Will my manager want to contact the person for a meeting, for a pitch, as a potential new client? When you present the information, let your manager know the additional information. Just as Tina was shocked you knew her ex-boyfriend’s brother was divorced, your manager will be shocked you took the initiative.

*Additional tip for tracking down contact information: Don’t give up easily. Call the administrative assistant to get a phone number or email. You can check what contact information other people from the company have and compare. Check LinkedIn or a personal blog for a contact. Try, try again.

I do know that research is a skill that needs to be developed. But isn’t it nice to know you have some foundations to develop that skill already? Do you have any research tips to add? Any Facebook stalking skill you use at work?

– Millennial signing off

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