I want to dedicate this post to having fun after graduation. College was amazing, but the fun does not need to stop there.

I live in Atlanta now, and I love everything the city has to offer. But as an intern (and new to the city), I know it can be hard to find a social scene. Don’t let that stop you! Atlanta in the Fall is packed with festivals and events. So take it from me — work is much  more enjoyable when your weekends are jam-packed with fun! Here are some tips to lock in to your city!

  • The emails may be annoying but Living Social and GroupOn are both great ways to clue into festivals and outdoor events.
  • Gold Star has become my place to find all the plays and musicals I want at great prices!
  • Sporting events are a great way to pretend you are in college again! Don’t stop supporting your team. Most colleges will have meetups in local restaurants for their alumni.
  • You joined clubs in college; why not join them now. Recently I have been going to Social Media Club meetings, which I love. But I also keep my eye open for blogging and other meetups.
  • Don’t forget holidays! Just because you don’t have a flood of college invites to tacky Christmas parties does not mean you can’t find them near you. Call up some people you met interning and go thrifting for your outfits.
  • ScoutMob is my little slice of heaven! An app that gives me 50% off restaurants and clothing stores near by. Need a networking excuse. Forward someone you met at an event an invitation to try a new pizza place from ScoutMob.

Looking back at everything I have done since graduation, I have nothing to complain about. Work or classes, I always manage to squeeze amazing memories in the mix.

Do you have any other suggestions? Any post-grad memories that really top the charts?