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The year was 2011. I was attending my little brother’s soccer game. Much to my dismay, my mother forgot her camera, and I was forced to step in using my iPhone. The month was February, and the wind cut through my jacket chilling me to my core. 

I shivered as I joined the moms. Dodging elbows I took my hands out of my pockets to prepare my phone for the perfect shot as my little brother dribbled to the goal. Being that it was a soccer game, I waited there for 10 minutes; no one had scored. My hands had turned to ice, and my phone hardly responded to a touch.

When it came time to take a picture, all I could produce was a blurry landscape. I swore never again!

On a more serious note, using an iPhone out in the cold is a problem! I am a Georgia Girl. I have trouble handling our month to two months of cold. My hands uncontrollably shiver, and I NEED gloves. But more than gloves I need my phone.

So while doing some post-Christmas shopping I was ecstatic to find Texting Gloves.

photo 2

photo 1








I found the gloves at Francesca’s for half off. Apparently they are starting to get spring clothes. (See maximum two month of cold clothes in the South.)

The thumb and index fingers of the gloves some how transfer the heat of my hand, so I can use my iPhone. These might have been out for a while, but if you are a little behind in fashion like me, enjoy!

You can check out more texting gloves on Amazon.

Do you know of any other helpful iPhone gadgets?

I am less than a week away from completing 2012. This year has been beyond weird because of all the changes. There is no class and no internship to truly prepare you for the moment you realize this is life.

I spent 22 years preparing for this. Most of those 22 years I spent in a classroom. But I was still not prepared for the moment I chained my self to a desk chair for the next 35ish years.

However, it didn’t truly hit me until yesterday. I wasn’t sad I missed summer vacation. I have been interning in the summer, so it didn’t feel any different. I wasn’t sad I only had two days off for Thanksgiving — even that seemed normal.

No, there is only one thing that truly shocked me into the 40+ hour work week — Christmas vacation. I never realized how much that month of a true do-nothing vacation meant to me until now.


I love Christmas! I mean I really get too excited for Christmas, so the day after Christmas I always like to do something fun to get out of the funk. Well let me just say going back to work was not the fun I am used to.

It is official I have graduated, and I will never get a month off for Christmas again. I will have to ask off for New Year’s Eve, and I won’t be able to take multiple vacations to see family and friends.

So for all of those veteran 40+ hour people who are sick of my mutterings, there is one thing I am looking forward to. Tomorrow is pay day!

When did you have your true entry-level shock to reality?

I have this theory that there are two types of recent grads.

Type 1: Aware. An aware grad seems to know what is about to happen. He/she most likely all ready has a job or has been completely immersed in finding one for months.

Type 2: Denial. A denial grad is just that in complete denial. He/she is not going to rush finding a job and therefore takes a “small” break after graduation.

Now despite my minor display of sarcasm, I don’t think either grad can be considered better off. I know both types of people who have been successful and not quite as successful. The only reason I bring this up is because tomorrow presents a perfect situation for Type 2.

2012 college graduates have most likely all walked across the stage since last week. Now if you are a denial grad you are probably using something to strengthen your argument for denial. Well, 2012 grads have the golden ticket: Mayan Apocalypse.


So tomorrow at 11:11 UTC (good luck converting that) I will probably be asleep. But when I wake up, I will apply my grinchy smile. Not to bah humbug about the holidays. No the smile, will be for all the denial grads boohooing in their beds. Because while they will each have the rest of their lives ahead of them, they will each also have the rest of their working lives ahead of them. So let me just give an early welcome to the entry-level club (tomorrow) denial grads. And pull up a rolly chair; you will be staying a while.

rolly chair

Ok, I understand. I laughed at first when I heard there would be a “new” Myspace. Next thing you know there will be a “new” Xanga. But when I saw Justin Timberlake’s Myspace page, I was intrigued.

Well played Myspace, well played.

I found out Myspace was open to the public when some people I follow on twitter began to tweet their new pages. Immediately I went to open an account. But Myspace decided to take the invite only route similar to Pinterest.

Once again: Well played Myspace, well played.

So naturally because my klout is not in the 90’s, it took a week to get my invitation (sad, I know). Now the invitation has arrived, and the journey will begin.


The invitation is exciting; isn’t it? I have been selected for an exclusive pre-launch. That’s right brush the shoulders off and brag on other social media sites! Luckily my amazing friends brought me humbly back to reality:


So without further to do I began to create my account. Something to keep in mind is that Myspace is not compatible with Internet Explorer. Luckily I am a Chrome girl!


Step 1: Myspace wants you to define yourself within 13 categories below. I quickly narrowed things down to designer/creative, writer/journalist and promoter.


Step 2: A simple define yourself and profile picture. The profile picture part is always more difficult than it should be because I never take pictures by myself. (New year’s resolution might be in order lol.) So I found a picture I could easily crop that I haven’t used before. I also took a mix of descriptions from twitter and pinterest.


Ok I uploaded my first post! The picture was easy to upload. The post looks like it will stream across and down. Time to do some exploring . . .

myspace 8

Connect with me on Myspace. 

What do you think of the NEW Myspace?

— New Myspacer exploring my new space 🙂

1. Why is the elevator so awkward! I mean this is not Grey’s Anatomy. I haven’t been nor will I date anyone in the office. So why can’t we have a normal conversation instead of wave, don’t wave, hi, don’t say hi, horrible traffic, etc?


2. Why does everyone assume an intern is in college? Probably the most awkward question I get all the time: “When do you graduate?”

3. Why do people use the public restroom as their own personal restroom after lunch? I am all for personal hygiene,  but I have never had the urge to re-do my makeup or brush my teeth.

4. Why are holiday parties even more awkward than the elevator? I mean nothing says inappropriate like free wine and higher ups dressed as Santa.


5. When did a PowerPoint presentation become a deck and why?


6. Why do you send someone a note? Because I remember a note being a perfectly folded, coded language, doodle message between best friends and an email being that outlook message thing.


7. Why can’t we find a way to use Dropbox without keeping secrets from IT? I get there are security problems but share files take forever to load!

8. While better than college cafeteria food, why is office cafeteria food so over priced?

9. Why is everyone terrified if I sneeze more than once? Yes I have allergies, and no I am probably not going to infect you with the flu.

10. Why on Earth do doctorsimages (1) offices, banks, post offices, etc. operate from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.? Don’t they realize how inconvenient that is?

I am not a fan of Mondays! Either I had an amazing weekend I want to relive, or I didn’t get enough done and dread my busy week ahead. I try not to schedule anything on a Monday after work, and I usually spend my lunch laughing at some of my favorite Tumblrs. So I thought I would kick off the laughs a little early with these social media analogies.

I could not figure out who originally created this graphic. But I first saw it in a tweet by @AnissaMayhew last week. So thank you again for sharing!


Do you have any social media analogies to add?


Well time to get to work with my caffeinated pills . . .

Happy Monday!

As a Georgia Girl, I get this question a lot? My sister moved the first chance she got. Some of my best friends moved to chase glamorous jobs. But me, I stayed. For all those skeptics that don’t understand why, I thought I would explain. . .

1. I get to drive in Atlanta! Who doesn’t want to roll their windows down and cruise?traffic_study_vmed_6a_widec_o

(Sometimes, I can cruise at night.)

2. There are great job opportunities in Atlanta!


(Well, if you know how to search for them)

3. We have amazing weather!


(If you can stand the heat.)

Getting jealous yet? The truth is we don’t keep them rooted in the south with just cars, jobs and heat. We have a lot more alluring qualities that have kept me and many others coming back for more!

4. If the Chicken Biscuit was not mouth-watering enough, Chick-fil-A added spice! chick-fil-a-spicy-biscuit-590

5. Sports and Entertainment

121129041850_georgia dome sec

images (3)

images (4)



So you can keep your Pepsi, deep dish pizza, subways, sunset beaches and White Christmas. I will stay with my sweet tea, Cherry Coke, fried chicken, southern accents and game-day dresses. I am not scared to step out of my Southern Comfort Zone; I just want to call Georgia my home.

-Georgia Peach

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