As a Georgia Girl, I get this question a lot? My sister moved the first chance she got. Some of my best friends moved to chase glamorous jobs. But me, I stayed. For all those skeptics that don’t understand why, I thought I would explain. . .

1. I get to drive in Atlanta! Who doesn’t want to roll their windows down and cruise?traffic_study_vmed_6a_widec_o

(Sometimes, I can cruise at night.)

2. There are great job opportunities in Atlanta!


(Well, if you know how to search for them)

3. We have amazing weather!


(If you can stand the heat.)

Getting jealous yet? The truth is we don’t keep them rooted in the south with just cars, jobs and heat. We have a lot more alluring qualities that have kept me and many others coming back for more!

4. If the Chicken Biscuit was not mouth-watering enough, Chick-fil-A added spice! chick-fil-a-spicy-biscuit-590

5. Sports and Entertainment

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So you can keep your Pepsi, deep dish pizza, subways, sunset beaches and White Christmas. I will stay with my sweet tea, Cherry Coke, fried chicken, southern accents and game-day dresses. I am not scared to step out of my Southern Comfort Zone; I just want to call Georgia my home.

-Georgia Peach