1. Why is the elevator so awkward! I mean this is not Grey’s Anatomy. I haven’t been nor will I date anyone in the office. So why can’t we have a normal conversation instead of wave, don’t wave, hi, don’t say hi, horrible traffic, etc?


2. Why does everyone assume an intern is in college? Probably the most awkward question I get all the time: “When do you graduate?”

3. Why do people use the public restroom as their own personal restroom after lunch? I am all for personal hygiene,  but I have never had the urge to re-do my makeup or brush my teeth.

4. Why are holiday parties even more awkward than the elevator? I mean nothing says inappropriate like free wine and higher ups dressed as Santa.


5. When did a PowerPoint presentation become a deck and why?


6. Why do you send someone a note? Because I remember a note being a perfectly folded, coded language, doodle message between best friends and an email being that outlook message thing.


7. Why can’t we find a way to use Dropbox without keeping secrets from IT? I get there are security problems but share files take forever to load!

8. While better than college cafeteria food, why is office cafeteria food so over priced?

9. Why is everyone terrified if I sneeze more than once? Yes I have allergies, and no I am probably not going to infect you with the flu.

10. Why on Earth do doctorsimages (1) offices, banks, post offices, etc. operate from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.? Don’t they realize how inconvenient that is?