Ok, I understand. I laughed at first when I heard there would be a “new” Myspace. Next thing you know there will be a “new” Xanga. But when I saw Justin Timberlake’s Myspace page, I was intrigued.

Well played Myspace, well played.

I found out Myspace was open to the public when some people I follow on twitter began to tweet their new pages. Immediately I went to open an account. But Myspace decided to take the invite only route similar to Pinterest.

Once again: Well played Myspace, well played.

So naturally because my klout is not in the 90’s, it took a week to get my invitation (sad, I know). Now the invitation has arrived, and the journey will begin.


The invitation is exciting; isn’t it? I have been selected for an exclusive pre-launch. That’s right brush the shoulders off and brag on other social media sites! Luckily my amazing friends brought me humbly back to reality:


So without further to do I began to create my account. Something to keep in mind is that Myspace is not compatible with Internet Explorer. Luckily I am a Chrome girl!


Step 1: Myspace wants you to define yourself within 13 categories below. I quickly narrowed things down to designer/creative, writer/journalist and promoter.


Step 2: A simple define yourself and profile picture. The profile picture part is always more difficult than it should be because I never take pictures by myself. (New year’s resolution might be in order lol.) So I found a picture I could easily crop that I haven’t used before. I also took a mix of descriptions from twitter and pinterest.


Ok I uploaded my first post! The picture was easy to upload. The post looks like it will stream across and down. Time to do some exploring . . .

myspace 8

Connect with me on Myspace. 

What do you think of the NEW Myspace?

— New Myspacer exploring my new space 🙂